Treatment for Sensitive Skin

More than 50% of people classify their skin as sensitive. This is due to an increasing number of skin irritants in our environment and nutrition as well as many synthetic and chemically modified substances in skincare products. Sensitive skin is more reactive and prone to redness, rashes, itching, and burning.

Sensitive areas of the skin include the skin around the eyes, lips, neck, and chest. This skin is very thin and becomes inflamed easily. However, many people suffer from sensitive skin all over the face. Skin sensitivity can also be one of the symptoms of very frequent skin alterations such as seborrheic skin and rosacea.

Areas with sensitive skin need more nutrition as they may be dehydrated. In the case of sensitive and mature skin, the firmness of the hydrolipidic film might have diminished. The ideal treatment is the Smooth Addiction balm in this case, complementing the products below.

Products for Sensitive Skin

Elasticity Repairing Emulsion

41 79 

Purifying & Calming Elixir

41 79 

Deep Hydration Oil

41 82 

Antioxidant Regeneration Essence

41 79 

Restructuring Oil Serum

41 103 

Purifying Lifting Elixir

41 136 

Rich Rejuvenating & Firming Cream

41 109 

Face & Body Bronzing Tint

41 103 

Natural Glow – Moisturizing Foundation

41 103 

Total Hydration Balm

103 177 

Nourishing Face Moisturiser

41 99 

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum

41 90 

Thermo-active Purification Masque

41 101 

Moisturising & Exfoliating Emulsion

41 79 

The ultimate combination for your eyes and lips

80 167 

Set for Sensitive, Rosacea and Rosacea with Acne


Eye & Lip Contour Firming Oil

41 103 

Eye & Lip Contour Lifting Serum

41 111 

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Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

20% of the population has a skin condition called flushing (hyperemia), which can be seen as temporary redness of the skin. Our creams contain medicinal clays, which help to remove the accumulated toxicity in the skin. This process stimulates the blood flow, which can be seen as redness on the skin’s surface. This is not an allergic reaction, but a highly beneficial process that trains the fragile capillaries of the skin. In this case, we recommend starting the treatment without the use of creams, except the makeup cream Perfecting Illumination, which can be used also in case of sensitive skin.

Sensitive Skin Routine

Day Routine Sensitive Skin

Cleanse the skin with Alpha Tonic. Apply a few drops of Lumière Éternelle followed by a few drops of Midnight Rejuvenation.

Night Routine Sensitive Skin

Apply Sensual Opulence and Alpha Tonic on a cotton pad moistened with filtered water, and gently cleanse with spiral movements following The Wave Cleansing Ritual. Apply a few drops of Midnight Rejuvenation on the face, neck, and décolleté. Every night, apply a few drops of Silk Resurrection half an hour after the night ritual.

Weekly Routine Sensitive Skin

Once per week, as the last step of your skincare routine and before going to bed, apply a thin layer of Instant Liberation like a cream and let it act overnight. In the beginning, treat a different area every night (forehead, cheeks, nose, mouth/chin).

Characteristics & Aggravating Factors of Sensitive Skin

  • Reactive skin
  • Redness
  • Dry areas on skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Tightness
  • Skin often develops rashes
  • Skin is sensitive to beauty products
  • Skin is sensitive to UV rays

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Dehydration
  • Allergies or intolerances
  • Climate
  • Skincare products: The excessive use of soaps and detergents may affect the skin’s pH level and cause sensitive skin
  • Medication
  • Underlying skin conditions such as Eczema, Rosacea, or Psoriasis