Organic Skincare Formulation

Formulation is an art that can only be acquired through many years of investigation and a passion for creating products that are free from substances unrecognizable to the skin. 50 years ago, Marie worked for a multinational cosmetics company and had access to internal reports documenting that parabens caused cancer in lab rats.

For Marie, simply reducing the dose of parabens to make them less dangerous was not sufficient. She left the company to invent her own skincare formulations, which can be preserved without substances that negatively affect human skin and body.

Combining her passion for plants with an investigation of cosmetic formulations, Marie developed a novel way to create medicinal plant extracts over half a century of research. The Phyto-Potency Extraction Method™ captures the maximum high-vibrational plant nutrients, transforming each LE PURE formula into an unparalleled superfood potion for the skin.

Another worldwide breakthrough is Marie’s invention of the Profound Absorption Methodology™, creating instantly absorbing moisturizing creams with the world’s highest percentage of plant nutrients. These creams contain only bioavailable ingredients that penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers, rejuvenating from within.

LE PURE is the first organic skincare brand to eliminate chemically modified fats from its products, thanks to Marie’s new formulation methodology. The molecular structure of these fats is altered by chemical processes such as hydrogenation, rendering them unrecognizable to the skin. They create an artificial layer on the skin’s surface, potentially interfering with the skin’s natural functions. Additionally, they necessitate up to 80% water in the formula to dilute their solid texture.
Other common ingredients in organic skincare include waxes such as beeswax or woolwax. While they may appear natural, the skin cannot recognize them, and they form a layer on the skin’s surface.

LE PURE creams exclusively contain cold-pressed, physically-mechanically processed plant oils, which are instantly recognized and absorbed by the skin. Thanks to the Profound Absorption Methodology™, LE PURE creams have the lowest water content and the highest medicinal plant nutrient content on the market today.