Smooth Addiction

Total Hydration Balm

Smooth Addiction is our skin saving superhero and transformative solid facial oil. This waxfree total hydration balm melts upon contact with the skin. Its ultra-concentrated plant butters, oils and extracts bring instant relief to skin experiencing dryness, sunburn, sensitivity, eczema, couperose and rosacea. The medicinal plant extracts are rich in natural retinol and vitamin C and address expression lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

30 ml bottle of Smooth Addiction LE PURE
Smooth Addiction

103 177 

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30 ml bottle of Smooth Addiction LE PURE
Smooth Addiction

103 177 

A real gem!

"Smooth Addiction is a real gem for dry skin. I always carry it with me, especially in times of seasonal and temperature changes. I absolutely recommend it."

Mathilde S.
2023 Finalist Natural Health Beauty Awards
2021 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards
Product Results

Organic Balm

The profound nourishment from this organic balm is irresistibly addictive. Once your skin has tasted this nutrient-packed balm concentrate, it will yearn for more, ensuring Smooth Addiction will find its way into your handbag.

Smooth Addiction’s waxless formulation contains precious fatty acids from prickly pear cactus seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil. These emollient powerhouse ingredients provide the skin with optimal hydration, restoring skin elasticity, and counteracting premature aging.

The formulation’s potent medicinal wholepant extracts effectively fight signs of skin aging like hyperpigmentation, expression lines, wrinkles and a loss of firmness.

Smooth Addiction’s luxurious aroma derives from the world’s most coveted essential oils – rose and neroli. They have potent medicinal properties for the skin and soothe the nervous system, elevating each application into a micro-ritual of self-connection.

Product Results and Benefits of Smooth Addiction

  • Instantly smoothes dry, dehydrated and rough skin
  • Profoundly nourishes and regenerates
  • Treats wrinkles, expression lines and pigmentation spots
  • Regenerates skin collagen and preserves elasticity
  • Alleviates skin with rosacea, eczema, redness and irritation
  • Calms skin after sun exposure and sunburns
  • Protects skin in cold and humid climate conditions

Full Ingredient List (INCI) of Smooth Addiction

Theobroma cacao seed butter · Cocos nucifera oil · Butyrospermum parkii butter · Calendula officinalis flower extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil · Helichrysum italicum extract · Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract · Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil · Parfum* · Linalool* · Citronellol* · Geraniol* · Limonene* · Farnesol* · Eugenol* · Citral*

(*from natural essential oils)

All ingredients of Smooth Addiction are CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

Balms frequently contain substances like waxes, synthetic or chemically altered oils. While these substances prevent the product from melting at higher temperatures, they create a sealing layer on the skin surface. During their production, such balms must be heated to 60°C / 140°F or higher, leading to a nutrient loss of the active ingredients.

At LE PURE, we exclusively use cold-pressed plant oils and butters, even if that means that the balm might melt at temperatures above 25°C / 77°F. We believe that if the choice is between the skin’s needs and the product’s convenience, the skin should always come first. If the balms melts, simply place it in the freezer; it will return to its solid texture while retaining all its potent nutrients for the skin.

Smooth Addiction does not Contain the Following Substances:

  • Synthetic oils: Petrolatum, Mineral oil, Dimeticone, etc.
  • Chemically altered oils: Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, etc.
  • Waxes: Beeswax, Wool wax (Lanolin), Carnauba wax etc.
  • Others: Xanthan Gum, Glycerin, Phenol, Menthol, Salicylic Acid etc.

Conventional lip balms frequently contain ingredients such as phenol, menthol and salicylic acid that actually dry out the lips. This prompts you to reapply the balm and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Skin Types and Smooth Addiction:

Smooth Addiction is highly beneficial for the following skin areas and conditions:

  • Expression lines and wrinkles
  • Dry and chapped lips
  • Rough, chapped hands and nail beds
  • Dry, dehydrated, and mature skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Couperose, rosacea, redness
  • Eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis
  • Sun burns and aftersun
  • Extreme climate conditions like heat, cold, and wind
  • Scars

How to apply Smooth Addiction

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The natural plant butters of Smooth Addiction can melt at temperatures above 25°C / 77°F, so we recommend always holding the jar straight when unscrewing the lid. This helps avoid accidental spilling of the balm if it has turned liquid. If you keep the balm in your bag, ensure the lid is tightly screwed on to prevent leakage if it has melted.

To apply it, melt a small amount of the balm in your hand and massage gently into the affected skin areas. Reapply as often as necessary.

In extreme climate conditions or for very dry or mature skin, the balm can be applied to the entire face. Smooth Addiction is also excellent to use before applying makeup, concealer, or lipstick, as decorative cosmetics last much longer on well nourished skin.

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  1. EM

    I make regular use of Smooth Addiction, it melts into my skin and leaves it extraordinarily moisturised.

  2. SD

    Great product, very effective on the face after being under the sun. Plus it smells wonderful.

  3. KV

    I have to admit that this balm is fantastic, good for the lips but also on the cheeks and on the hands, it has become indispensable!

  4. LP

    I cannot leave home without it.

  5. ES

    I love this balm for it’s wonderful scent and melting texture. I use it, whenever I feel like I need an extra protective layer. It plumps my skin, evens out under eye lines and hydrates my dry skin.