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Eye Set

The ultimate combination for your eyes and lips

Our Eye Set features the powerful combination of our products Eye Euphoria & Lumière Éternelle, ideal to treat the most delicate areas of the face with potent anti-aging nutrients to repair, plump and firm the skin. The potent duo effectively treats expression lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes and undereye bags.

The Pro Eye Set LE PURE
Eye Set

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The Pro Eye Set LE PURE
Eye Set

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A wonderful duo for the eyes

"A wonderful duo for the eyes. The Lumière Éternelle is wonderfully cooling and contains Euphrasia, which is fantastic for the eyes. It decongests and refreshes. The oil Eye Euphoria is also lovely, especially for the sides of the eyes and lips. Truly great!"

Marianne L.
2023 Finalist Natural Health Beauty Awards
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards
2021 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards
2021 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards

Benefits of using the Eye Set for the eye and lip contour

The Eye Set is a magical combination of products to effectively treat the sensitive area of the eye and lip contour.

Lumière Éternelle is a glow-inducing, ultra-potent and anti-aging serum that effectively treats the delicate eye and lip contour to preserve elasticity and prevent wrinkle formation.

Eye Euphoria is a delicious feast of powerful antioxidants and deeply-firming superfood lipids that calm, nourish and regenerate the eye and lip contour.

Dual Formula for Intense Eye and Lip treatment

The delicate eye and lip areas require both water-soluble and oil-soluble nutrients for effective anti-aging treatment. Traditional eye products blend these nutrients into a single formulation, necessitating the addition of potentially skin-irritating fillers and preservatives.

By dividing these nutrients, we can maximize the nutrient concentration in each formula. This separation also permits the application of the serum to highly sensitive areas like the eyelids, which typically cannot tolerate standard eye creams.

The Lumière Éternelle serum incorporates the Euphrasia plant, a herb renowned for its unique healing properties, particularly for eye irritation and allergies. This serum is not only exceptionally gentle but also deeply nourishing and lifting for the eyelids.

Formulated with plants suitable for highly sensitive skin, the Eye Euphoria oil can be safely applied near the eyes.

Ultimately, dividing into two complementary formulas results in a more potent and intense eye and lip treatment, maximizing anti-aging benefits for the skin.

Products included in the LE PURE Eye Set

Lumière Éternelle: Eye & Lip Contour Lifting Serum
Eye Euphoria: Eye & Lip Contour Firming Oil

The award-winning products of the LE PURE Eye Set have been specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eye contour and the lip area. Not only do these products serve as an intense eye and lip treatment, but they can also be integrated into the daily antiaging routine for the entire face.

The mesmerizing scents and remarkable results have made this duo a favorite among our clients. As a result, we offer this set also in a 2 x 50 ml size.

The LE PURE Eye Set is available in 2 different sizes:

OPTION 1: Eye Set (2 x 15 ml)
Lumière Éternelle – 1 x 15 ml
Eye Euphoria – 1 x 15 ml

OPTION 2: Eye Set (2 x 50 ml)
Lumière Éternelle – 1 x 50 ml
Eye Euphoria – 1 x 50 ml

How to Apply the Eye and Lip Contour Products

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Shake both products before each application to dynamize the formula and distribute all active ingredients evenly.

Apply several drops of Lumière Éternelle to the eyelids, surrounding eye areas, lips, and on wrinkles and expression lines. Once the serum is absorbed, administer a few drops of Eye Euphoria to the areas around the eyes, lip contour, lips, and any regions with wrinkles or expression lines.

After cleansing, these eye and lip contour products can be applied either at the beginning or the end of your skincare routine.

For maximum anti-aging results, use a small amount of each product both in the morning and evening.

Eye Treatment for Sensitive Eyes

The ideal eye treatment for sensitive eyes includes the application of only a small amount of Eye Euphoria around the eyes. Oils can migrate on the skin and end up inside the eyes. While this is not harmful, it can feel uncomfortable for some people. In that case we recommend the application of the oil on the crow’s feet on the outer sides of the eyes.

While the Eye Set is designed as an intense eye and lip treatment, you can also apply them on the entire face or blend both products in the palm of your hand and apply the mixture to all desired areas of your skin.

Read more in-depth information about the benefits, results and ingredients of Lumière Éternelle and Eye Euphoria.

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  1. MD

    The products I love the most are the ones for the eyes, Lumière Éternelle and Eye Euphoria (I’m in love with their scent). I tend to have bags and some dark circles due to lack of sleep, and these products have really helped me.

  2. SB

    Lumiere Eternelle is wonderful like all LE PURE products, I’m won over.
    The whole family uses LE PURE and we are delighted with the results.

  3. MO

    Lumière Eternelle is very light and easily absorbed. I am delighted. I recommend dabbing it on, you feel how it hydrates the eye contour, creating a very refreshing sensation.
    I have visibly noticed how the fine lines around my eyes and lips have softened or even disappeared.

  4. FD

    Eye Euphoria is essential for my skin, especially for the area under my eyes, which is very sensitive and now it feels more nourished. I love the scent and I apply it all over my face. The skin absorbs it quickly, leaving me with a very natural look, which rejuvenates me.

  5. NM

    I like Lumière Éternelle because of its refreshing scent and the fact that I can feel the lifting effect on the eye contour.
    And when I apply Eye Euphoria to my dry skin, it immediately feels more soothed and nourished.
    I definitely recommend them!