About LE PURE Cosmetics

The story behind LE PURE Cosmetics starts in 2011 when Julia Atzesberger and Marie Carrasquedo meet for the first time. It is the beginning of a mutual admiration that over the following months and years turns into a friendship. After many conversations and planning, in 2013 they decide to launch an organic skincare line based on Marie’s 50 years of research and experience.

That year the LE PURE brand is born and they start to work on the formulations, packaging and scientific texts. The difference of this unique organic skincare line is clear from the start. The first products are launched in 2014 and immediately receive multiple industry awards.

The focus of LE PURE on integrative skincare and integrative dermatology is a first in the industry. Based on Marie’s extensive experience and research, part of LE PURE’s mission is to motivate clients to look beyond topical application and to find medical professionals that help them to improve their skin from the inside as well.

Medicinal Plants in Organic Skincare

Leveraging the unparalleled power of medicinal plants in our organic skincare products is the essence of the LE PURE products. In a world that’s inundated with synthetic or chemically modified products, LE PURE’s mission is to bring us back to the incredible healing powers of nature.

While clever marketing makes many consumers believe that technology has surpassed the intelligence of nature, when it comes to food and skincare, this is simply not the case.

As numerous studies on the effect of nutritional supplements on the human body show, these products don’t even come close to the benefits of minimally processed, organic food.

When it comes to skincare, it is the same. While these synthetic or chemically modified products may have attractive aromas and textures, they can’t compete with the beneficial effects of truly natural, organic formulations like LE PURE.

Integrative Dermatology and Organic Skincare

Integrative dermatology and organic skincare are still the exceptions during a visit to the dermatologist. The past decades of dermatological education have been focused on the topical application of conventional skincare products. This lack of knowledge creates a rift between the recommendations from the dermatologist and our more than 50 years of experience with medicinal plants and integrative skincare.

The scientific discovery of the interconnectedness of the skin with the emotions and important bodily systems (nervous, digestive, endocrine system) has led to the understanding that an integrative approach is needed in dermatology.

On the other hand, the public is the driving force, seeking less invasive and more natural treatment options, especially for children and adolescents. Dermatologists should be able to provide at least basic advice on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

Poor nutritional and lifestyle habits have led to a spike in medical disorders in young people, ranging from diabetes to acne and mental health issues. An adolescent with acne needs a balanced diet, good vitamin D levels, as well as positive sleep and screen habits. Prescribing aggressive anti-acne medication, which may have side effects including liver damage, adds another health problem to the list and does not address the root cause.

Not all doctors appreciate their patients doing their own research and are willing to admit if they have never heard of a certain therapy or study. Doctors should be eternal learners and take advantage of the fact that their patients are willing to investigate their own condition. Most medical congresses are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, whose main objective is to sell mostly synthetic skincare and medication. Medicinal plants or alternative medicine are very rarely on the agenda of these events.

LE PURE Methodology

Over the past 10 years, thousands of people have asked us for advice on improving their skin. In many cases, their ideal treatment involved more than just applying the respective LE PURE skincare routine. In most cases, internal or emotional factors also need to be addressed to achieve the best possible results.

Therefore, we started documenting our experience and advice on our website to make it available to as many people as possible. While these recommendations are not intended as medical advice, they should serve as an inspiration to find an integrative medicine professional with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.

The LE PURE products and the properties of their plant nutrients are designed as a toolkit. By understanding what the skin needs most at that specific time (soothing, purifying, stimulating, renewal, moisturizing, or protecting), we can create highly personalized routines. Due to the complexity of the LE PURE products, we only work with a handful of selected professionals and stores who have acquired the extensive knowledge necessary to explain the LE PURE products.

We have decided against creating an extensive network of distributing stores, as this would require sending a large group of salespeople on the road to periodically visit and train store employees. This approach is both costly and environmentally unfriendly.

Most stores carry 20 or more different brands, and their objective is to sell all of them. The constant visits from salespeople keep them jumping from one marketing pitch to the next, which is not compatible with the LE PURE methodology.

Therefore, we have decided to focus our efforts on creating the world’s largest database on medicinal plants and integrative skincare and share Marie’s unique knowledge with millions of customers worldwide. This approach also allows us to focus our efforts on providing dedicated customer service, where we provide all LE PURE clients with personalized advice straight from the source.