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How to remove sunscreen?

Formulas such as Zen Solaire and Perfecting Illumination contain physical sunscreen minerals, which remain on the skin’s surface. Although these minerals wear off over time, some residue may still be present in the evening.

To remove all traces of sunscreen, it is important to use a cleanser containing cold-pressed plant oils, such as the cleansing cream Detox Deluxe or the cleansing oil Sensual Opulence.

1. Use a cotton pad moistened with filtered water to capture any remaining minerals.

2. Follow the facial cleansing technique of the Wave Cleansing Ritual to ensure thorough cleansing without rubbing the skin.

3. If you feel that there are still some minerals on the skin, repeat the Wave Cleansing Ritual. Remember to sit down and make precise, gentle movements.

4. Apply a few pumps of Nectar Immortel to the face before the second cleansing. Spray it one on side of the face and cleanse. Then repeat on the other side.
The chelating agents in this elixir capture all remaining minerals and heavy metals from environmental pollution on the cotton pad. This step ensures the skin is free from pollutants and dirt and can focus its energy on cell regeneration.

We don’t recommend the regular use of chemical sunscreens because of their potentially hormone-disrupting effects.

However, if you do need to use it occasionally, we strongly recommend following the cleansing steps above to ensure that all traces of synthetic chemicals are eliminated from the skin. The double cleansing with Nectar Immortel is essential to free the skin from the negative effects of these chemical sunscreen formulations.


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