Lumière Éternelle

Eye & Lip Contour Lifting Serum

Lumière Éternelle is an ultra-concentrated, glow-inducing serum for the skin’s most delicate areas. This Eye and Lip Contour Lifting Serum repairs, plumps and firms the skin while filling in expression lines and wrinkles.

Its deeply nourishing composition of medicinal plants enhances the microflora of the eye contour, preventing dryness, loss of elasticity and wrinkle formation. This calming and refreshing formulation allows the skin to regain its flexibility.

50 ml bottle of Lumière Éternelle LE PURE
Lumière Éternelle

41 111 

Eye and Lip Serum LE PURE
50 ml bottle of Lumière Éternelle LE PURE
Lumière Éternelle

41 111 

I can feel the lifting effect

"I like this serum because of its refreshing scent and the fact that I can feel the lifting effect on the eye contour."

Noèlia M.
2023 Highly Commended Natural Health Beauty Awards
2021 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards

Organic Eye Serum

Featuring a potent nutrient combination of eufrasia, vetiver, and cornflower, Lumière Éternelle addresses expression lines while restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin. The eufrasia plant, also known as eyebright, has been recognized for centuries for its regenerative powers for the eye area.

Its consistent application on the eyelids and around the eye contour reinforces this sensitive skin area, ensuring long-lasting hydration.

The extraordinary composition of calming plant ingredients is potentiated by the trace element manganese. The synthesis of these hydrating and deeply nourishing ingredients restores and maintains the skin protection barrier, while repairing skin damage from external influences such as wind and cold temperatures.

The formula of this organic eye serum activates profound cell regeneration and protects the delicate eye and lip area from outside aggression. When used in conjunction with Eye Euphoria oil, it offers the eye and lip contour essential antiaging nutrients.

Lumière Éternelle’s mesmerising scent, crafted from essential oils, soothes the nervous system and amplifies the skin’s regeneration capabilities.

The Formula of Lumière Éternelle

Lumière Éternelle’s unique formulation and texture are the result of 50 years of research and innovation in cosmetic formulations. As the first natural plant-based gel, this organic eye serum stands out, being free from surfactants and filler ingredients.

The heart of Lumière Éternelle is the root of the Kudzu plant, giving the serum its silky texture. The mucopolysaccharides extracted from this powerful root form a delicate, breathable layer on the skin, delivering an extended lifting and tightening effect. All other plant ingredients are rapidly absorbed, rejuvenating the eye and lip contour from within.

Full Ingredient List (INCI) of Lumière Éternelle

Aqua, Vetiveria zizanoides root oil · Pueraria lobata root extract · Centaurea cyanus flower extract · Euphrasia officinalis extract · Styrax benzoin resin extract · Myroxylon balsamum balsam extract · Parfum* · Manganese gluconate · Linalool* · Limonene*

*from natural essential oils

The Eye and Lip Contour Lifting Serum Lumiére Èternelle is CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

Skin Types and Lumière Éternelle

The ultra-calming formulation of Lumière Éternelle makes this organic eye serum suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Even the extremely sensitive eyelids can be treated with this exceptional composition.

The eyes become drier with age, which makes them more susceptible to creams or oils entering the eyes. In these cases the Lumière Éternelle is the ideal eye contour treatment thanks to its lipid-free formula and ultra-calming composition.

How to Apply Lumière Éternelle

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Before each use, make sure to shake the bottle. This step ensures the formula’s active ingredients are dynamized and distributed evenly, maximizing the serum’s antiaging potential.

Twice daily, in the morning and evening, apply a few drops of Lumière Éternelle around the eyes, including the eyelids, on the lip contour, and on expression lines. Once it has absorbed, follow with a few drops of the Eye Euphoria oil on areas with expression lines.

Lumière Éternelle forms a light, lifting film on your skin, which results in a firming effect. If after applying, your skin feels tight, this is the desired effect of the serum.

When applying, be gentle. Rubbing or massaging too vigorously might cause this beneficial layer to flake off, leaving tiny white bits on your skin.

The sensation of your skin feeling taut, akin to a gentle pulling, is indicative of the serum working its magic. This sensation might be mistaken for skin dryness, but it’s simply the serum tightening and lifting.

Allow the serum to work for a few minutes before proceeding with the application of Eye Euphoria.

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  1. SB

    Lumiere Eternelle is wonderful like all LE PURE products, I’m won over.
    The whole family uses LE PURE and we are delighted with the results.

  2. MO

    This eye serum is very light and easily absorbed. I am delighted. I recommend dabbing it on, you feel how it hydrates the eye contour, creating a very refreshing sensation.
    I have visibly noticed how the fine lines around my eyes and lips have softened or even disappeared.

  3. NM

    I like this serum because of its refreshing scent and the fact that I can feel the lifting effect on the eye contour.