LE PURE Partners

We are honored to know and collaborate with a group of incredible female artists, who have made their life’s passion into a sustainable business. Their creations are one of a kind, and in this world of mass production and copycats, they offer a breath of fresh air and a one-of-a-kind luxury.

When we talk about sustainable shopping, these women are the ones we have in mind. They use noble materials, craft their products locally with highly skilled artisans, and create designs made to last for many decades. We refer to them as LE PURE partners because we share the same passion and mission: to bring to life unique creations that provide you with the unique experience of sustainable luxury.

Sustainable & Artisan Products

Partner Gema Galdón with LE PURE

Gema is an artist in all senses. Each hat and piece she designs is more than an accessory, it is a sculpture. Her creations are beyond fashion, they are art gems. And, the person who wears them becomes part of the masterpiece.

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Partner Helena Rohner with LE PURE

Helena Rohner’s jewelry and objects are characterized by her playful use of materials, clean lines, and simple forms. She is inspired by nature, arts, music, and people, and she searches for harmony and beauty in each of her pieces, which are subtle, organic, and full of color.

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Partner Dorotea with LE PURE

Dorotea Valls Adler has an extensive professional trajectory in women’s footwear. Her shoes are timeless, exclusive, feminine, and extremely comfortable. The values of the Dorotea brand focus include local production, artisan spirit, premium quality, slow fashion, and responsible shopping.

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Partner Marlota with LE PURE

Marlota defends forgotten values such as atemporality, traditional tailoring, craftsmanship, and 100% Made in Spain as the basis of responsible consumption. The idea is that there is nothing more sustainable than something that is used eternally.

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