Organic Skincare Ingredients

The ingredients are at the heart of each LE PURE formulation. The market offers hundreds of different raw material qualities, but we are obsessed with sourcing and selecting only the finest, most potent ingredients. We dedicate considerable time to finding the best and most ethical farmers and producers worldwide.

Our network with small farmers and cooperatives ensures we procure the most potent medicinal plants available. The knowledge of farming determines the quality of the plant, encompassing the soil’s health, and the farmer’s knowledge of when to harvest, dry, and store the plants.

Plant oils

Plant oils are obtained from the pressing of oil plants. The process of cold-pressing plant oils is crucial to maintaining their medicinal plant nutrients. Only the oil from the first cold-pressing contains the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients for the skin. It is essential to work with a trusted provider to ensure the highest possible quality of vegetable oils, even if this means the cost is considerably higher. We are committed to accepting only the most premium quality for the LE PURE skincare products.

Essential oils

Essential oils stand in contrast to vegetable oils. They are highly volatile essences and contain no fats.

For many years, we have sourced our essential oils from the same trusted supplier, whose production process we know inside out. The best quality essential oils are produced by slow steam distillation. These are the highest quality and most expensive essential oils on the market.

For example, the certified organic rose oil we use in our products costs €30,000 per liter. This exquisite quality not only has the best olfactory properties but also contains the strongest healing powers of the plants, which contributes significantly to the effectiveness of our formulations.

The dosage and combination of essential oils require years of study and experience. Thanks to our research in this area, we can determine the exact amount of essential oils that is ideal for skin and health. We call this the “physiological dose”, which is the same amount of essential oil found in an apple or tomato. For this reason, all our products are safe, even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Medicinal clays

We utilize naturally occurring medicinal clays such as kaolin, hectorite, and rhassoul in our formulations. Ensuring the quality of these mineral clays is paramount, as there are many contaminated versions in circulation. We source our medicinal clays from the world’s most pristine quarries, where they are mined from the deepest layers to ensure maximum purity.

This practice guarantees that only the purest and most beneficial medicinal clays are used in LE PURE formulations. Each batch of clay is tested for impurities by our providers, and we also conduct our own tests to certify the clays’ purity.


In addition to clays, we use minerals like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide in our LE PURE sunscreen and makeup creams. The minerals we use are uncoated in order to cover the skin as little as possible.

Other brands frequently use minerals coated with chemically modified fats, which can disrupt the skin’s natural functions such as toxin elimination and cell regeneration.