LE PURE Journal

The LE PURE Journal is our Organic Skincare Blog, where we want to share important information on how to improve your skin and your overall health. These articles are backed on more than 50 years of our own research and experience with medicinal plants, organic skincare and haircare formulation, facial massage and nutrition.


Moon and skincare are deeply connected on many levels. On the one hand, the power of the moon is one of the most dominant forces that exists and it has a strong influence on nature’s cycles as well as our oceans through the tides.


As the temperatures rise we have to be more careful on how to store skincare products. While it may seem a good idea to store the products in the fridge, for some products the cold temperatures have a negative effect on their...

Hair Care

We receive many questions on how to treat sparse eyebrows and blank spots. To address these concerns, we decided to put our serum, Alpha Hair, to the test to confirm its effectiveness as an eyebrow growth serum.


Vitamin C is a key component of many cosmetic products, renowned for its numerous benefits such as brightening, collagen production and the protection against environmental damage.


We are often asked if you can open the bottles and fill the product in smaller containers for traveling. Cosmetic formulation and preservation are complex, so there is no simple answer to this question. Unfortunately in most...

Hair Care

Humans have about 100,000 hair follicles and the average person sheds approximately 50-100 of them per day. Seasonal hair shedding is part of the natural hair renewal cycle; the lifetime of a hair is 3-5 years and, once this...

Skin Advice

The summer with its long days, sunny weather and vacation days is one of the most cherished seasons of the year. While we tend to get more fresh air, do more sports and eat healthier, our skin has to work really hard to protect...

Skin Advice

Dry skin can occur at any time of year but it becomes a very common issue in the autumn and winter. There are a number of factors that can impact your skin’s health when the seasons take a cooler turn but thankfully there are...

Facial Massage

We have designed a 28-day facial cupping tutorial to help you get the most out of the cupping technique. Our Facial Cupping Set includes two different size cups along with three award winning organic skincare products that...

Skin Advice

Our skin is heavily influenced by the climatic conditions of our environment and so it is essential that you adapt your skincare routine in the cooler months, by following our autumn skincare tips.

Plant Ingredients Organic Skincare

In the LE PURE Skincare Blog we explore the plant ingredients of organic skincare. The medicinal plants we use in the LE PURE products have been used for thousands of years. Their beneficial actions for the skin have been studied extensively over the centuries.

We want to highlight their origin, where they are currently grown and their use for health and skincare over the years. The complexity of these medicinal plants is one of the biggest wonders of this planet and using them in our products brings their magic to the skin.

Antiaging Face Massage

Antiaging Face Massage is an ancient beauty practice. Cupping, gua sha and kansa are all facial massage tools that have been used for centuries in many cultures. Together with face yoga, they have become popular in the past years as people are searching for natural rejuvenation techniques.

Their consistent application together with the ultra-nutritive LE PURE products yields surprising results. The practice of facial massage is also a way to reconnect with yourself and your body. Touching your skin brings your awareness to the physical body and its needs.

Facial massage offers many advantages, such as enhancing cell regeneration, boosting skin flexibility, and reducing the visibility of scars, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps firm the areas around the chin, neck, jawline, and décolleté, while diminishing puffiness and regulating sebum production.

Furthermore, facial massage aids in optimizing the delivery of nutrients encourages the creation of new connective tissues and blood vessels, and improves circulation of oxygen-enriched blood. Additionally, it fortifies the skin and its connective tissues and activates the cells that produce collagen.

Skin Advice

The LE PURE skincare blog also shares skin advice for different situations and seasons. Adapting one’s skincare routine according to the changing seasons is crucial for maintaining the health and vitality of the skin. Each season brings with it unique environmental conditions that can have varied effects on the skin.

For instance, the cold and dry air of winter can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leading to dryness, irritation, and flakiness. In contrast, the summer season can bring about increased humidity and exposure to intense sunlight, which might result in excess oil production, acne, and potential sun damage.
By adjusting the skincare routine to address these seasonal variations, one can provide the skin with the necessary protection and nourishment it needs to stay balanced and healthy.

In spring and autumn, the transitional weather can also have distinct impacts on the skin. During spring, as the climate starts to warm up and there’s more pollen in the air, some individuals may experience increased sensitivity or allergies, necessitating gentler, soothing skincare products.

The summer season exposes the skin to UV radiation, requiring healthy, skin-beneficial sun protection as well as skin renewal rituals to prevent the formation of excess keratin and hyperpigmentation.

Autumn, on the other hand, might call for more hydrating and reparative products to help the skin recover from summer sun exposure and prepare it for the harsher winter conditions ahead. Tailoring the skincare routine to the specific needs of each season ensures that the skin is not only protected but also has the opportunity to thrive and remain resilient, regardless of external conditions.