Organic Skincare Certifications

In Europe, the certifications for organic skincare are issued by private companies or associations. These entities are centered around profit, aiming to certify as many substances and products as possible.

This practice has resulted in the inclusion of numerous natural substances that have undergone chemical modifications. Unfortunately, consumers are often unaware of the distinction between products made through physical-mechanical processes and those that have been chemically modified. Additionally, even certified organic cosmetics are permitted to contain a certain percentage of synthetic ingredients.

At LE PURE, we believe that the standards set by these certification bodies are insufficient. Consequently, we have chosen to pursue certification from a local governmental association, CPAEN, that upholds more stringent criteria and certifies both organic agriculture as well as organic skincare.

This association’s guidelines are significantly stricter, including unannounced inspections of our laboratory. During these visits, they take samples of our raw materials, which are tested for contamination and quality.

All LE PURE products are vegan and cruelty-free. Neither the products nor any of their ingredients have been tested on animals.