Treatment for Couperose

Couperose skin is a condition in which vascular dilation is visible on the face’s skin surface. When there’s a rush of blood, the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) expand but don’t contract as normal skin does. Externally, this manifests as patches of facial redness with visible, expanded red blood vessels. It often impacts individuals with fine, delicate, or thin skin.

Couperose skin differs from skin with rosacea. While both conditions result in redness, dryness, and tightness, couperose skin isn’t inflamed. The lines of the capillaries can be seen in couperose skin. The optimal treatment for couperose supplies the skin with nutrients that fortify and shield the capillaries while promoting improved blood circulation.

Today, a growing number of young individuals display signs of couperose. This is often attributed to intestinal issues and a deficiency of silica in their diets, exacerbating the genetic factors of couperose skin.

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Skincare Routine for Couperose

Couperose Skincare Routine

The ideal Couperose Skincare Routine provides the skin with medicinal plant nutrients and clays that tone and strengthen the capillaries. The consistent application of Jouvence Divine and Instant Liberation improves the capillaries’ capacity to contract, helping to reduce the visible redness. Addressing internal triggers and exacerbating factors of couperose is equally critical for securing enduring and definitive outcomes.

Day Routine Couperose

Cleanse the skin with Alpha Tonic. Spray a few doses of Velvet Hydration and massage a small amount of Jouvence Divine into the moist skin.

Night Routine Couperose

Apply Sensual Opulence and Alpha Tonic on a cotton pad moistened with filtered water and gently cleanse with spiral movements, following the Antiaging Face Cleansing Ritual. Apply a 1-2 doses of Midnight Rejuvenation on the face, neck and décolleté and tap in gently.

Weekly Routine Couperose

Once per week, after cleansing, apply the gentle exfoliation and natural retinol treatment True Revelation.

Once per week, as the last step of the routine, apply a thin layer of Instant Liberation like a cream and let it act overnight.