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Antiaging Face Cleansing

LE PURE has created an Antiaging Face Cleansing Ritual called THE WAVE CLEANSING. This innovative technique has been developed according to decades of experience in traditional therapies such as osteopathy and our expert understanding of the application of plant based skincare.

In a short span of two minutes, the signature hand movements purify the deepest layers of the skin and can eliminate even heavy metals, when applied in connection with the chelating agents of Nectar Immortel. This removes oxidative stress from the skin, which boosts the skin regeneration functions and helps to fight premature aging.

There are two big errors in today’s cleansing routines. The first is the use of conventional cleansers with soap or syndets (synthetic detergents) that damage the microbiome and the hydrolipidic film of the skin. And the second is the way of application, which includes strong and repeated rubbing of the face, which can cause or aggravate skin alterations over time.

The Wave Cleansing technique is revolutionary in the sense that it allows a profound cleansing without rubbing or irritating the skin. On the contrary, the targeted movements create lymph drainage and stimulate collagen and elastin production. The results of this daily routine over time are extraordinary.

Discover this highly beneficial cleansing ritual as well as our advice on face and body cleansing in this article.

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The Wave Cleansing Ritual

The Wave Cleansing Ritual consists of wave-like movements that gently stimulate the layers of the skin without damaging the skin’s hydrolipidic film.

Precise hand motions are crucial to avoid irritating the interstitium, an important organ that is located within the skin layers. Cleansing with excessive rubbing motions can also cause or aggravate skin alterations such as dry skin, dehydrated skin, oily skin, skin with rosacea, and hyperpigmentation.

The wave movements incorporate osteopathic and lymph drainage techniques. The result is a highly effective antiaging face cleansing treatment that stimulates cell renewal and increases collagen and elastin production.

Selecting a maximum quality cleansing product without soap or synthetic detergents (syndets) helps to prevent skin glycation and therefore premature skin aging. Micellar water, cleansing milk, gel, or foam contain mainly water, synthetic detergents, and harmful additives. These formulas may negatively affect the skin’s microbiome and lead to a permeable skin barrier. Read more about the skin’s delicate ecosystem and which ingredients you should avoid.

Cleansing is the most crucial step of an antiaging skincare routine. We cleanse our skin at least 365 times per year. The correct technique can double the benefits of skincare products and prevent skin alterations.

Face Cleansing Mistakes

Committing face cleansing mistakes is more common than we may think, and these errors can greatly undermine the health and beauty of your skin. Such mistakes can not only cause skin damage, but they can also exacerbate skin alterations. In the aim for a more radiant and youthful complexion through cleansing, we might unwittingly be creating a counterproductive effect, leading to worsened skin conditions instead of the improvements we seek.

Face cleansing mistakes are more widespread than you might imagine and they can lead to skin damage and intensify existing skin issues.

In the aim to improve our skin through thorough cleansing, the wrong cleansing technique can inadvertently worsen the skin and aggravate skin alterations.

The 3 Common Mistakes of Face Cleansing

1. Skin cleansing while standing
2. Excessive rubbing of the skin
3. Using harmful cleansing substances for the skin

1. Skin cleansing while standing

Skin cleansing while standing can lead to quick and rough movements due to arm tension. For a gentler cleansing process, we suggest sitting down. This removes tension from both your arms and body, allowing a softer and more precise cleansing technique. Decades ago, many households had vanity tables where you could sit down to cleanse and treat your skin. Dedicating 5–10 minutes to sit down and indulge your skin can transform the often monotonous routine of cleansing into a pleasurable daily ritual.

2. Excessive rubbing of the skin

Excessive rubbing of the skin can result in skin damage and inflammation. It is often also an aggravating factor behind many skin problems and alterations. Touch your skin with precision and extremely gently, like you would caress the cheek of a baby.

3. Using harmful cleansing substances for the skin

Using harmful cleansing substances for the skin is another common mistake that can lead to adverse effects. We recommend using only food-grade, bioavailable ingredients that strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and gently eliminate dirt, pollution, and makeup. It is extremely important to avoid synthetic and chemically altered cleansing ingredients because they can leave residues on your skin.

Even products labelled “for sensitive skin” or “pH neutral” can negatively affect the skin’s biofilm, causing different types of skin alteration from redness to hyperpigmentation.

Selecting a maximum-quality cleansing product without chemically modified ingredients helps to prevent skin glycation and therefore premature skin aging. Micellar water, cleansing gels, foams, and milk generally contain mainly water and synthetic or chemically altered ingredients. These formulas may negatively affect the skin’s flora and lead to a permeable skin barrier. Study the label ingredient by ingredient.

If the ingredient can’t be ingested, it is very likely it won’t be beneficial for the skin.

To summarize, the right cleansing ingredients and the optimal technique are crucial to your antiaging skincare routine. Applying low-quality ingredients can have a negative effect on your skin barrier. Excessive rubbing will irritate your skin and lessen the effectiveness of the skincare products applied afterward.

Body Cleansing

Remember that body cleansing is as crucial as facial cleansing. Specifically, areas like the neck and décolleté, like the face, are frequently exposed to dirt and pollution. Therefore, we should also treat them regularly with the Wave Cleansing technique shown in the video.

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Most people focus just on the face, but the skin of the entire body needs to be cleansed and nourished. Treating the entire skin will also give you better visible results on your face and prevent premature skin aging. Once or twice a week select a body part, for example, the left arm or the breasts, and cleanse them with gentle wave-like motions.

Daily use of soap can disrupt the body’s hydrolipidic film, leading to dry and rough skin. We suggest limiting soap use to the armpits and feet. Once or twice a week during your shower, apply a small amount of the exfoliation treatment, True Revelation, to your wet skin and massage it gently over your body. Add water to extend the massage, then rinse off the exfoliating particles. This peeling treatment removes dirt and dead skin cells while deeply nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

Instead of using body lotions containing synthetic or chemically altered fats, apply a few drops of Sensual Opulence on damp skin right after the shower. Please remember to avoid applying soap, gel, and so on, to the mucous membranes of the genital area and the anus. These areas can be effectively cleaned with water alone. Using soap for your intimate hygiene can cause these areas to dry out over time. These parts also benefit from nourishment with high-quality plant oil, such as the LE PURE oils.

Products for Face Cleansing

The LE PURE face cleansing formulations are designed to provide multiple actions and benefits. On the one hand, they cleanse and deeply purify the skin, while on the other they nourish the skin with valuable plant nutrients.

Just like in the human body, there’s no single action taking place. Consuming organic plants provides the body with nourishing elements, while other components serve to detox and purify the body.

The incredible benefits of pure, organic skincare are due to the fact that the skin is provided with hundreds of beneficial plant components, serving various functions.

The best antiaging action is achieved when the skin is nourished with quality nutrients, which boost its natural defense and regeneration mechanisms.

The unique formulas of the LE PURE cleansing products are free from soap substances or synthetic detergents. By avoiding these aggressive ingredients, our therapeutic formulas aid in preventing damage to the skin’s acid mantle, which serves as an essential protective layer. This approach helps maintain the skin’s natural pH balance while bolstering its resilience against external aggressions.

Deep Hydration Oil

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Purifying & Calming Elixir

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Elasticity Repairing Emulsion

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LE PURE’s face cleansing products only contain edible ingredients. The three formulations (cleansing cream, gel, and oil) that can be used for antiaging face cleansing are made from wholeplant extracts, plant oils, medicinal clays, and essential oils. Potent plant extracts such as the Saponaria plant extract have skin-purifying properties while being compatible with the skin’s microbiome and protective acid mantle.

In conclusion, the signature LE PURE Antiaging Face Cleansing technique, known as THE WAVE CLEANSING, offers a transformative purification ritual that goes beyond the surface layers of the skin, purifying deeply and stimulating regeneration.

By avoiding common cleansing mistakes, you can strongly improve your skincare routine and the effectiveness of your skincare products.

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