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Causes of Dry and Chapped Lips

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The skin of the lips is very thin, as it has only three to five cellular layers, compared to the typical facial skin which can have up to 16 layers. The lips do not contain sweat glands and therefore lack the protective layer of sweat and skin oils that maintain the skin smooth, regulate the temperature and inhibit pathogens. Due to these reasons, lips are more prone to dry out and become chapped. There may also be other underlying factors that can aggravate the dryness in the lip area.

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What Causes Dryness in Lips?

There are many factors, external and internal, that influence the health of our lips and can cause dryness and cracking. Most of the time, lip problems can be traced back to a combination of causes.

The environment

Environmental influences such as extreme temperatures (cold as well as heat) and abrupt temperature changes like when we change from one season to another can have an impact on the lips.

Excessive sun exposure, strong wind and high humidity can also negatively affect the skin of the lips and cause dryness and chapped lips.

Fever, infections, and other health-related conditions

Fever, infections, allergies, bad digestion, teeth and gum problems as well as tobacco and alcohol consumption can contribute to or cause dry and chapped lips.

Illnesses such as colds, catarrhs, flu infections, herpes and certain medications can also have a negative impact on our lips.

A lack of good sleep and anxiety (biting the skin of the lips) can also damage the sensitive skin of the lips. An unbalanced hormonal system or problems with the liver can be aggravating factors in case of lip problems.

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Dry lips and Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is very common in today’s world and can have a strong influence on the health of our lips. People hardly expose themselves to the sun, as they spend most of their time indoors. When going outdoors, an increasing number of people apply certain sunscreen types that block the synthesis of vitamin D.

A deficiency of A vitamins and the group B vitamins (especially riboflavin) can have a negative effect on the ideal hydration of our skin and our lips.

The balance of the essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 is also extremely important for the skin and the lips. A balanced amount of essential fatty acids helps children, adolescents and adults to prevent these deficiencies, along with the risk of chronic illness and dermatological problems, which can become visible on the skin and lips.

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Dry Lips during Pregnancy

For pregnant or breastfeeding women it is essential to observe the balance of their intake of essential fatty acids. In case of a deficiency this would affect the skin, the lips and also their emotional wellbeing. Various studies state that the fetus can accumulate up to 65 milligrams of Omega 3 per day during the last pregnancy trimester and during the breastfeeding period.

Treatment for Dry Lips

The skin of the lips renews four times faster than the rest of the skin. Therefore, if we apply the correct treatment, we can repair chapped and dry lips very rapidly. It is important to remember that lips have a tendency to decrease in size over time (up to 1 mm every 5 years).

Consequently, it is crucial to take care of the lips to stop this aging process and to preserve the dimensions of the lips.

The ideal natural remedies for dry lips are bioavailable ingredients on the lips (ingredients that the skin can recognize and absorb). Cold-pressed plant butters and oils such as shea and cocoa butter and high-quality plant extracts are the ideal nutrients for the lips.

It is important to avoid the application of synthetic fats, petroleum derivatives, hydrogenated fats and waxes (beeswax, lanolin, etc.). These substances create a layer on top of the lips that creates the sensation of nutrition but does not nourish the delicate lip skin. A vicious cycle starts by applying this artificial layer to the constantly dry lips.

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The Smooth Addiction balm is the ideal SOS treatment for dry and chapped lips thanks to its composition of nourishing plant oils and wholeplant extracts. Apply a small amount various times per day to regenerate the fragile lip area.

In case of a runny nose, apply the balm above the upper lip to treat and protect the skin to avoid irritation from the handkerchief. In case of blisters, apply on the blisters as well as the surrounding area.  We also recommend the regular application of the balm to treat irritations around the mouth (perioral dermatitis).

Smooth Addiction is also an ideal protection against cold weather for the entire face when you spend prolonged time outdoors and during winter sports activities.

The Eye Euphoria oil and the Lumière Éternelle serum can also be applied on lips and the area around the mouth. They are the ideal daily treatment for this delicate area, while the Smooth Addiction balm can be applied to complement them in case of dry lips and during the winter.

Due to the fast renovation of the skin of the lips, we do not recommend the application of peelings on these sensitive areas. Another tip is to use Smooth Addiction before applying your lipstick or undereye concealer. This nourishes and protects these sensitive areas of the skin from wrinkles and dehydration, while making these makeup products look better and stay longer on the skin.

By following the above recommendations, dry and chapped lips will hopefully be a thing of the past for you!

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