Silk Resurrection

Firming & Reviving Serum

Silk Resurrection is our game-changing redensifying serum that brings the skin back to life. Its pioneering formula mimics the composition of the mouth’s mucous membrane and its enzyme-rich, healing fluid. This prebiotic organic face serum contains natural hyaluronic acid and has a firming and lifting effect, while stimulating collagen synthesis to combat wrinkles.

It is a potent yet extremely soothing antiaging treatment, suitable for even the most sensitive skin types.

Silk Resurrection is currently OUT OF STOCK. We recommend using the serum Lumière Éternelle, which is an equally effective lifting serum. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when Silk Resurrection is available again.

Silk Resurrection LE PURE
Silk Resurrection

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Silk Resurrection LE PURE
Silk Resurrection

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I love using Silk Resurrection

"I love using Silk Resurrection to repair and soothe the skin."

Lola Martinez - Makeup Artist
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards
2022 Finalist Natural Health Beauty Awards
2023 Finalist Natural Health Beauty Awards
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Organic Face Serum Silk Resurrection

Silk Resurrection’s unique composition of minerals and mucopolysaccharides delivers plant nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. These essential substances potentiate the effectiveness of this organic face serum, acting as natural fillers of wrinkles and expression lines.

Highly active, yet calming plant extracts soothe reactive and damaged skin and repair the compromised hydrolipidic film. The lipid-free formula makes this serum an ideal treatment for a range of challenging skin conditions.

This potent organic face serum works from within, leveraging the skin’s natural regenerative power to reconstruct damaged tissue, resulting in firmer and revived skin.

Results and benefits of Silk Resurrection:

Redensifying Action: Contains natural hyaluronic acid that plumps up the skin. Isoflavones reactivate cell renewal and collagen synthesis, which redensifies the skin.

Firming & Lifting: The mucopolysaccharides create a natural lifting on the skin, resulting in firmer and tighter skin.

Wrinkles & Expression Lines: The composition of natural hyaluronic acid, isoflavones and mucopolysaccharides act as natural fillers, reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

Enzyme-Rich Healing: The serum’s composition resembles the healing fluid found in the mouth’s mucous membrane, assuring compatibility and aiding in skin repair.

Deep Penetration: Unique composition ensures nutrients penetrate the deeper layers to effectively repair the skin from within.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin: Gentle yet potent formulation is ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.

Soothing Action: Contains highly active, calming plant extracts that soothe reactive and damaged skin.

Hydrolipidic Repair: Aids in restoring the skin’s microbiome and hydrolipidic film, which retains moisture and acts as a barrier against pollutants and other harmful elements.

The formulation of Silk Resurrection

The idea for the Silk Resurrection formula was to reconstruct the highly beneficial, enzyme-rich salivary fluid using potent and soothing medicinal plants.

The Kudzu root gives Silk Resurrection its silky, gel-like consistency. Upon application, the mucopolysaccharides from this root form a delicate layer on the skin’s surface, creating a lifting and tightening effect. The medicinal plant nutrients of this organic face serum are instantly absorbed and a thin, breathable layer remains, ensuring extended firming action.

To optimize the gel-like consistency and ensure even distribution of ingredients, shake the bottle before each use.

For this unique formulation we combine the bark of the Lapacho tree with the root extracts of Marshmallow and Kudzu, and the resins of Styrax Benzoin and Myroxylon Balsamum.

The plant nutrients in these ancestral medicinal plants have a deep origin: the roots delve deep into the earth, and the resins develop within the trees. These core elements are complemented and safeguarded by the unparalleled antiseptic and prebiotic qualities of Lapacho bark.

This nutrient-rich blend boasts natural hyaluronic acid to enhance plumpness and retain moisture, isoflavones that stimulate cell renewal and collagen synthesis, and polysaccharides known for their inherent lifting properties.

Thanks to this worldwide unique formulation, Silk Rejuvenation stands out as an organic face serum that genuinely rejuvenates and energizes the skin from both the outside and inside.

Full Ingredient List (INCI) of Silk Resurrection

Aqua, Citrus aurantium amara flower oil · Pueraria lobata root extract · Althaea officinalis root extract · Tabebuia impetiginosa bark extract · Styrax benzoin resin extract · Myroxylon balsamum balsam extract · Parfum* · Linalool* · Limonene* · Citronellol* · Farnesol* · Geraniol*

(*from natural essential oils)

The organic face serum Silk Resurrection is CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

Certified organic and wildcrafted

The Kudzu root, Neroli flower water, and essential oils in this formulation are certified organic. The Lapacho bark, along with the resins from Styrax benzoin and Myroxylon balsamum, are wildcrafted, indicating they are sourced from their natural, wild habitats.

Aligned with the moon cycle

The root and resin wholeplant extracts in this serum have been meticulously prepared in our laboratory, synchronized with the natural cycles of the moon. This distinctive process amplifies the potency and vibrational energy of the medicinal plant nutrients.

Safe essential oils

Silk Resurrection contains only premium, certified organic essential oils, in their safe and highly beneficial physiological doses. As our aromatic blends are proprietary, we do not list the individual essential oils on the label. Instead, they are denoted under the term *Parfum.

Silk Resurrection and the Substances we avoid

Silk Resurrection stands as the world’s first natural gel serum formulated without the use of isolated ingredients or surfactants. Moreover, it’s devoid of synthetic or chemically altered components.

Isolated Substances

Silk Resurrection steers clear of isolated ingredients, even those of natural origin. An isolated plant component lacks the myriad of other natural constituents found in the whole plant, constituents which harmonize and amplify the nutrient composition. Utilizing isolated ingredients can increase the likelihood of allergic reactions and may sensitize the skin over prolonged use.

Chemically Altered Ingredients

The beauty industry frequently employs chemically altered ingredients. While these may stem from natural sources, they undergo modifications via chemical processes. Such alterations modify the molecular makeup of the ingredient, and in many cases, the skin struggles to recognize these “artificial” substances.

Ingredients Derived from Synthesis

Nowadays, many ingredients are created in the laboratory and are marketed as great science discoveries. They mainly work on the skin surface and focus on covering sensations and aggressive peelings, which damage the hydrolipidic film. Just like our body needs high-quality, minimally processed organic food, our skin needs plant nutrients that it can recognize.

Similar to how our body thrives on high-quality, minimally processed organic food, our skin needs plant nutrients that it can recognize and absorb into the deeper layers. Powerful medicinal plant nutrients boost natural skin functions like cell regeneration and combating of free radicals, effectively preventing premature skin aging.

Silk Resurrection and Skin Types

Silk Resurrection was formulated to strengthen and repair the hydrolipidic film of the most sensitive skin areas. Our organic face serum even received a prestigious award: “Best Product for Sensitive Skin”.

Thanks to its exceptional formulation, Silk Resurrection is suitable for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for:

  • Irritated, scaling and reactive skin
  • Wrinkles and expression lines
  • Flaccid and mature skin
  • Pigmentation spots
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Eye contour
  • Oily and seborrheic skin

Application of Silk Resurrection

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This organic face serum is pure gold for the skin. The secret lies in applying a small quantity consistently, ideally in the morning and evening.

LE PURE products are exceptionally nutrient-dense, so a small amount is sufficient to reap all antiaging benefits.

Ideal quantity of application

Apply the serum to cleansed skin: one dose for the face and another for the neck and décolleté. Using a small amount both in the morning and evening is enough to fully harness Silk Resurrection’s benefits.

The skin doesn’t require large quantities at once.

Therefore, consistent application of smaller doses is the optimal way to maximize the anti-aging benefits of this organic face serum.

There are various ways to incorporate the serum into your skincare regimen. Opt for what feels best on your skin and complements the other products in your routine.

Pure lifting

Apply Silk Resurrection directly to cleansed skin to experience its maximum lifting effect.

This natural, gel-like serum forms a thin, lifting layer on the skin. Avoid rubbing or massaging at this stage, as it can peel off this beneficial layer. If this happens, you may notice small white particles on your skin.

The serum’s desired effect is achieved when your skin feels tight, possibly accompanied by a pulling sensation. This might be an unfamiliar feeling, easily mistaken for skin dryness. However, it’s the serum working its magic, firming and lifting your skin.

After letting the serum work for a few minutes, follow up with your LE PURE cream or oil.

Note: Conventional cleansers with soap or synthetic detergents can dry out the skin. If you use such a product before applying the serum, you might feel the skin’s dryness. In the absence of a LE PURE cleanser, ensure you nourish your skin with a LE PURE cream or oil before serum application.

Cream and Serum

Applying Silk Resurrection after a LE PURE cream results in a mattifying effect. If you choose the serum as the final step, you’ll also enjoy the silky texture of this standout organic face serum.

Makeup Cream and Serum

Silk Resurrection can be applied after using the makeup cream, Perfecting Illumination, even a few hours earlier. This step revitalizes the makeup, giving an immediate refreshing lift.

Applying the serum beneath the makeup cream or lipstick provides a mattifying result, extending the makeup’s durability. Avoid rubbing movements during application to preserve the serum’s thin layer.

Serum and Oil

Mix the serum with a few drops of Midnight Rejuvenation in the palm of your hand before applying it directly to the skin. This is a very refreshing way to hydrate and nourish your skin in hot and humid climates.

Alternatively, first apply the oil, let it absorb, and then follow up with the serum after a few minutes.

Velvet Hydration and Serum

For specific conditions like oily or seborrheic skin, we suggest a two-day skin fasting period without any products. After these detox days, resume with the combination of Velvet Hydration and Silk Resurrection.

Eye Contour

Those who prefer a minimalist routine can apply Silk Resurrection also to the eyelids and the eye contour area. Those comfortable with a more elaborate skincare regimen can follow the eye contour routine with the Eye Set.

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  1. PE

    This product feels so nice when applied! The scent is relaxing and enchanting.

  2. CD

    It has an addictive aroma.

  3. LM

    I love using Silk Resurrection to repair and soothe the skin.

  4. SD

    In the evening, I use the Silk Resurrection serum and the oil for a “pure” moment of relaxation. The benefits are visible on my face the next day, which has less redness. It also helps a lot with broken capillaries.

  5. SH

    This is my favourite product. It provides a radiant glow and a dewy finish while maintaining a lightweight texture that perfectly preps the skin before applying makeup.