Ritual for Dry Skin 

Our products contain nature’s most powerful anti-aging nutrients. They are pure superfood that will correct and transform your skin. This change does not happen overnight, so expect to see noticeable results in a few weeks.

Just like during a detox diet, the first step of regeneration is the expulsion of toxins. During this purification process it is normal to experience skin alterations.

It is crucial that you clean your skin while seated. If you are standing your entire body is in tension, which will lead to fast and forceful movements that can damage or worsen a skin condition over time.

Dryness is due to the fact that the skin does not secrete enough sebum to hydrate itself. In consequences, the skin is scaly and flaking (desquamation), it reddens easily, it is prone to couperose and rosacea especially on the cheeks, and it does not tolerate heavy sun exposure.