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How to Repair Sun Damaged Skin after the Summer

Picture of Woman and Repairing Sun Damaged Skin

The summer with its long days, sunny weather and vacation days is one of the most cherished seasons of the year. While we tend to get more fresh air, do more sports and eat healthier, our skin has to work really hard to protect itself from damaging UV radiation. That’s why, after the summer months, it is time to repair sun damaged skin.

The following 3 steps explain how to repair skin damage from the sun and to counteract free radicals.

Sun Damage Treatment for Face

At the end of the article you will find a complete sun damage treatment for the face. Even if you haven’t endured any sunburn this summer, this targeted routine is still highly effective to regenerate your skin and to prepare it for the colder season.

1. Renew the skin

In order to protect itself from UV radiation, the skin produces more keratin to create an additional layer of protection. Together with the accumulated dead skin cells, the skin gets thicker and is also more prone to pigmentation spots.

Removing these excess layers is the key to boost the skin’s regeneration mechanisms and to reveal the soft and glowing skin below. It is crucial to remove these skin cells very gently to respect the skin’s natural regeneration cycles.

Picture of Woman applying Sun Damage Treatment

If we exfoliate the skin too much and too fast, it will produce more protective layers and become rough and thick again. The cells have memory and too much exfoliation will create a vicious cycle.

Many people are tempted to go for a fast procedure such as chemical peelings or laser treatments to remove the skin layers and pigmentation spots. The problem with these treatments is that they literally burn the skin (yes, it’s like a sunburn).

After such a harsh treatment, the skin goes in protection mode, creating more keratin layers that lead to rougher skin. These treatments strongly sensitise the skin, requiring high SPF sunscreen that can interfere with the skin’s natural synthesis of vitamin D. Without vitamin D, the melanocyte cells cannot work properly and the skin is more prone to hyperpigmentation.

Harsh skin treatments lead to the increased production of skin layers and pigmentation spots. Over time these treatments make the facial skin thinner, highly sensitive, vitamin D deficient and prone to dark spots.

The ideal cell renewal works with a combination of a gentle exfoliation and a stimulating masque treatment. Depending on the skin type, we recommend the application once per week.

2. Calm the skin

Black and White Picture of the Sea

Even with the highest SPF sunscreen, some UV rays still penetrate the skin and cause free radicals. These molecules can damage the skin’s natural moisture barrier and collagen fibres, while triggering inflammation and hyperpigmentation. Calming the skin after summer with antiinflammatory plant nutrients is key to counteract the damage from UV radiation.

The best way to fight free radicals is to nourish the skin with antioxidant plant nutrients and to assure the regular synthesis of vitamin D on the skin, including the face.

We recommend applying a calming and antioxidant plant serum that restores the hydrolipidic film and treats the congested parts of the skin.

3. Replenish the skin

Picture of Natural Plant Oils of Midnight Rejuvenation

The skin works extra hard in the summer and therefore it needs more natural plant lipids such as cold-pressed oils. They act as structural components of the cell membranes and are essential to keep the skin elastic and firm.

Ideally, these essential lipids are combined with highly concentrated wholeplant extracts that are obtained through sequential plant macerations. These extracts contain the entire nutrient spectrum of the plant and, together with the lipids, truly repair, resculpt and replenish the skin from within.

There is a big difference between a product that just contains plant oils and a product that is formulated with coldpressed plant oils and highly concentrated wholeplant extracts.

Post-Summer Skincare Routine

Picture of LE PURE Products for Post Summer Skincare Routine

In the following post summer skincare routine you can combine your current morning treatment with a targeted evening routine for sun damaged skin. Follow this routine for 4 weeks and then continue with the LE PURE routine for autumn skin.


  • Apply Perfecting Illumination to protect your skin in low UV Index exposure (mornings and evenings) or short exposures at midday (depending on your photo type and previous sun exposure).
  • Apply Zen Solaire during high UV Index exposure and prolonged time outdoors.
  • Apply Zen Solaire on pigmentation spots every day, no matter the UV Index or exposure length.


  • Cleanse your skin with Detox Deluxe.
  • Apply Alpha Tonic to calm the skin.
  • Apply Midnight Rejuvenation to resculpt and replenish the skin.
  • Once a week, apply the masque Instant Liberation to stimulate cell regeneration. Apply a thin layer shortly before going to sleep and let it act overnight.
  • Once a week, apply the exfoliation and natural retinol treatment True Revelation. Before or instead of the cleansing step, moisten your skin with water and exfoliate the skin with a small amount of product. Be extremely gentle because fast rubbing creates skin trauma and can aggravate pigmentation spots.

The above routine gently repairs sun damaged skin with a variety of different plant nutrients. In addition, we recommend nourishing your skin through your diet, eating a lot of seasonal vegetables and some fruit together with healthy essential fats rich in Omega 3, high quality protein and unprocessed carbohydrates.

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