Treatment for Combination Skin

The treatment for combination skin needs to take the different needs of the skin into account. The amount of skin fat (sebum) changes depending on the area of the face, because the distribution of the sebaceous and sudoriferous (sweat) glands is not homogeneous.

Skin can be normal or dry in some areas of the face and oily in others like the T-zone (nose, forehead and chin). The needs of each area depends how much sebum there is – dry zones require more lipids (essential fatty acids), while oily zones need nutrients that balance the sebaceous glands and reduce the amount of skin fat.

To treat combination skin we combine the treatments for dry skin on the cheeks and for oily skin on the T-zone. The condition of combination skin can accentuate with age, therefore it is very important to provide the skin with balanced nutrients and to avoid aggravating factors. In case of dry areas with desquamation, the skin may have seborrheic tendencies and require the treatment for seborrheic dermatitis.

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Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Combination Skin Routine

Day Routine Combination Skin

Cleanse the skin with Detox Deluxe. Apply 2-3 doses of Velvet Hydration and massage Way To Radiance into the moist skin. Apply less quantity of Way To Radiance to the oily areas and more to the dry ones.

Night Routine Combination Skin

Apply Detox Deluxe on a cotton pad moistened with water and gently cleanse with spiral movements following The Wave Cleansing Ritual.

Spray 2 dosis of Nectar Immortel and apply 1 drop of Midnight Rejuvenation on the oily areas. On the dry areas, mix a few drops of Midnight Rejuvenation with 1 dose of Nectar Immortel.

Weekly Routine Combination Skin

Once per week, after cleansing, apply the gentle exfoliation and natural retinol treatment True Revelation.

2-3 times per week, after the night ritual and alternating with the day you apply True Revelation and before going to sleep, apply Instant Liberation on the entire face.

Visual and Tactile characteristics of Combination Skin

Visual characteristics:

  • Oily areas (forehead, nose and chin)
  • Other areas are normal or dry (cheeks, cheekbones, neck)
  • T-zone: shiny aspect, thick skin, open pores
  • Dry zones: desquamation in the winter or in harsh climate. Experience of an uncomfortable pulling sensation, mainly on the cheeks.
  • Combination of oily and dry areas on the body (oily back and dry extremities)
  • Different sebum secretions in the various zones of the face

Tactile characteristics:

  • Thick pimple (in T-zone) and fine pimple (dry zone)
  • In oily areas, thick pimples and in normal areas, fine pimples