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Way To Radiance

Nourishing Cream Concentrate

Way To Radiance is our revolutionary, antiaging cream formulated with our Profound Absorption Methodology™. While conventional creams stay on the skin surface, this Nourishing Cream Concentrate is immediately absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin, where it boosts microcirculation and the skin’s own regeneration mechanisms. This groundbreaking formulation is the first to effectively counteract premature aging from within the skin.

50 ml bottle of Way To Radiance LE PURE
Way To Radiance

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50 ml bottle of Way To Radiance LE PURE
Way To Radiance

41 109 


"This cream is spectacular. My oily skin tolerates it really well and it is not sticky. My skin feels hydrated and soft."

Magda P.
2017 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards
2023 Highly Commended Natural Health Beauty Awards
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards

Nourishing Organic Face Cream Way To Radiance

Way To Radiance is LE PURE’s first cream, formulated with our unique Profound Absorption Methodology. This pioneering approach employs only ingredients that the skin can naturally recognize and absorb. By directly introducing the potent nutrients from medicinal plants into the skin’s core, they release their unmatched antioxidant and regenerative powers.

The wholeplant extracts from Corn Flower and Rosemary, combined with medicinal clays, enhance the skin’s microcirculation, ensuring oxygen and vital nutrients reach the cells. Simultaneously, these medicinal plants promote lymphatic drainage, freeing the skin from toxins and harmful free radicals.

Regular use of Way To Radiance fortifies the capillaries and boosts their resilience, helping prevent the emergence of broken capillaries. Optimal microcirculation is essential for luminous, well-nourished skin. It also prevents toxin accumulation, which is implicated in skin dryness, acne, expression lines, and inflammation.

This award winning emulsion is packed with essential amino acids and restorative proteins, that maintain the skin’s firmness and smooth texture. Our avant-garde extraction methodology yields the market’s most potent wholeplant extracts. Elaborated through physical-mechanical processes without the use of heat, the combined power of six medicinal plant extracts gives Way To Radiance its exceptional anti-aging attributes.

Packed with adaptogenic plant extracts, medicinal clays, cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and hydrosol (floral water), this cream delivers potent hydration and nourishment. This counters wrinkle development and elasticity loss. Despite its nutrient-rich composition, Way To Radiance also harmonizes sebum in oily skin, aiding in reducing its excess.

Benefits and Results of Way To Radiance

  • Tightens and lifts the skin, creating a firmer appearance
  • Activates the microcirculation resulting in optimal cell renewal
  • Deeply hydrating, nourishing and renewing
  • Replenishes skin lipids to treat and prevent fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates production of collagen and promotes elasticity
  • Tones and strengthens fragile and broken capillaries
  • Balances sebum production, preventing oily skin
  • Enhances skin tone, providing a more even complexion
  • Strengthens the skin barrier and protects against environmental stressors
  • Combats free radicals and premature aging

Formulation of Way To Radiance

Way To Radiance is formulated according to our unique Profound Absorption Methodology. This worldwide unique formulation technique is the fruit of over half a century of research about organic cosmetic formulations and medicinal plants.

This groundbreaking organic nourishing face cream boasts a blend of the most precious ingredients, including medicinal plant extracts, cold-pressed oils, hydrosols (floral water), medicinal clays, and essential oils.

Way To Radiance is free from surfactants, chemically altered substances, and waxes, which are commonly used in conventional cream formulas. Furthermore, this LE PURE emulsion boasts a notably low water content (25%), making it exceptionally rich in organic plants and medicinal clays.
Every component in this emulsion is active, enhancing skin microcirculation and leveraging the skin’s natural regenerative properties.

Discover more about our organic face cream formulations.

Full Ingredient List (INCI) of Way To Radiance

Aqua, Myrtus communis leaf oil · Calendula officinalis flower extract and Helianthus annuus seed oil · Kaolin · Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract · Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract · Persea gratissima oil · Butyrospermum parkii butter · Centaurea cyanus flower extract · Glycyrrhiza glabra root extract · Theobroma cacao seed butter · Lecithin · Hectorite · Opuntia ficus-indica seed oil · Opuntia ficus-indica fruit extract · Parfum* · Tocopherol · Sorbic acid · Linalool* · Citronellol* · Geraniol* · Limonene* · Farnesol*

(*from natural essential oils)

All plant ingredients of Way To Radiance are CERTIFIED ORGANIC.

We craft all our medicinal wholeplant extracts in-house aligned with the lunar cycle to optimize their potency.

We source our medicinal clays with meticulous attention. They are extracted from the deepest layers of clay pits to guarantee unmatched purity and freedom from environmental contaminants.

Every essential oil in this formulation is certified organic and used in its physiological dose. To safeguard our distinct aromatic blends, we do not specify each essential oil by name. Instead, their collective presence in the formula is denoted by the term “Parfum”.

*Ingredients denoted with a star represent natural components found in the essential oils. They are itemized individually as mandated by EU guidelines.

Way To Radiance is free from the following substances

Way To Radiance is free from ingredients that the skin cannot recognise and interfere with its natural organ functions.

The LE PURE cream formulations go far beyond the standards established for certified organic skincare as many of those have undergone chemical alterations, which changes their natural molecular structure.

Hydrogenated or trans fats are one of these “certified organic” ingredients that have no benefit for the skin and create a layer on the skin surface.

We have compiled an extensive list of commonly used “certified organic” ingredients that we do not consider beneficial for the skin. Here are just a few of them:

  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride
  • Stearate
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Cetyl Palmitate
  • Glycerin
  • and many more

Review the complete list of substances we don’t use.

Free from isolated plant substances

Rather than incorporating isolated elements like vitamin C, we advocate for the use of wholeplant extracts. These naturally offer vitamin C and a wide range of other beneficial components. Utilizing the full nutrient profile of plants ensures our ingredients are both more effective and gentler on the skin, reducing allergenic risks.

Way To Radiance and recommended skin types

The formulation of Way To Radiance makes this cream ideal for the following skin types and conditions:

  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin
  • Oily skin
  • Acne prone skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkles and expression lines
  • Fragile and broken capillaries
  • Hot and humid climate conditions

How to apply the Way To Radiance cream

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Apply 1-2 doses on the face and neck. Tap in gently with your fingertips.

The Way To Radiance cream stimulates the microcirculation, the flow of blood through small vessels beneath the skin. In some skin types this blood flow can be observed as redness. While this is a highly beneficial skin regeneration mechanism it is often confused with an allergic reaction.

Visible redness from beneficial microcirculation

  1. To reduce the redness immediately, we recommend you moisten the skin with Velvet Hydration (or mineral water) before applying a smaller quantity of the cream. This reduces the increased blood flow to the skin, which is also known as temporary hyperemia.
  2. If the skin still presents redness, even after applying the cream on damp skin, then we recommend using Way To Radiance in the evening. At night our nervous system is more relaxed and the skin will show less redness.

Way To Radiance tones and trains the capillaries and over time you will observe less redness and can increase the dose you apply.

If both options cannot reduce the redness sufficiently, it means that your skin needs to be balanced and calmed first before continuing the stimulating treatment with Way To Radiance.

We recommend starting with Velvet Hydration and Midnight Rejuvenation, which will bring your skin and hydrolipidic film back to its natural balance.

If you have any questions, send us an email, we are happy to help you find the ideal treatment for your skin.

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  1. MP

    This cream is spectacular. My oily skin tolerates it really well and it is not sticky. My skin feels hydrated and soft.

  2. DP

    I’ve tried everything: organic, non-organic, dermatologist products…. What has helped me the most with my skin is Way to Radiance, my day cream.

  3. PI

    The best pre-make-up routine is to apply Way to Radiance to noticeably nourish and firm the skin.

  4. OG

    Since I discovered this brand I cannot use any other products. The ingredients are truly natural. The skin is nourished, moisturised, it breathes and it is not blocked as with conventional skincare products.
    The day cream that I’m in love with is Way to Radiance.

  5. B-

    It is a must in my beauty routine every day, I love this product, as well as the rest of the LE PURE products!