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Organic Pregnancy Skincare

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, women are more cautious and start to examine all the products and substances they come in contact with. Organic pregnancy skincare is a must to ensure that only safe substances are applied to the skin.

LE PURE goes far beyond the organic skincare standards and also renounces commonly used ingredients that have been chemically modified. All our skincare products are made from food-grade ingredients that have been elaborated with physical-mechanical processes to preserve the maximum of plant nutrients for the skin.

Our products contain essential oils in their safe physiological dose. The amounts of essential oils used can be compared to the quantity that is naturally present in an apple or a tomato. Since consuming fruits and vegetables and their naturally present essential oils is safe during pregnancy, so is the use of the LE PURE skincare products.

Products for Pregnancy

Elasticity Repairing Emulsion

41 79 

Purifying & Calming Elixir

41 79 

Deep Hydration Oil

41 82 

Antioxidant Regeneration Essence

41 59 

Restructuring Oil Serum

41 103 

Purifying Lifting Elixir

41 136 

Rich Rejuvenating & Firming Cream

41 109 

Face & Body Bronzing Tint

41 103 

Natural Glow – Moisturizing Foundation

41 103 

Total Hydration Balm

103 177 

Firming & Reviving Serum

41 111 

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum

41 90 

Thermo-active Purification Masque

41 101 

Moisturising & Exfoliating Emulsion

41 79 

The ultimate combination for your eyes and lips

80 167 

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Try the Smooth Addiction Balm

During pregnancy, the skin on my breasts and belly grew more sensitive. I adore applying a few drops of Sensual Opulence daily. This oil is magnificent and has a divine scent. It deeply moisturizes, alleviating the sensations of tightness and itchiness. Applying it to damp skin after a shower means I don’t need much quantity. It’s even improved my cellulite! A definitive must in my routine.
Carla B. – Customer
Skincare Routine during Pregnancy

Pregnancy Skincare Routine

There is no universal pregnancy skincare routine, as the phototype does not change during pregnancy. However, since there are important hormonal changes, the skin may be prone to acne, oily skin, skin dryness, or hyperpigmentation. In this case, we recommend following the skincare routine of the specific alteration.

Pregnancy Stretchmarks Massage

To avoid the appearance of stretchmarks during pregnancy, we recommend massaging the skin on the belly, hips, and thighs daily with the Smooth Addiction balm or the Sensual Opulence oil.

Pregnancy Perineal Massage

Massaging the perineum area, which is located between the vagina and back passage can reduce the probability of sustaining a tear during childbirth.

While it is generally recommended to start with the pregnancy perineal massage in week 34 or 35 of the pregnancy, starting earlier will prepare the delicate skin of the area better.

Gently massage the Smooth Addiction balm or the Sensual Opulence oil into the skin of the perineum.