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Skincare Chemotherapy

During chemotherapy, the skin dries out severely. Therefore, the ideal skincare during chemotherapy includes products that provide the skin with a concentrated amount of lipids (beneficial fats from cold-pressed oils and butters).

The LE PURE skincare formulations contain essential oils in their physiological dose, which is comparable to the amount naturally present in an apple or a tomato. This exact minimal dose is highly beneficial, allowing the use of our products during chemotherapy.

All our ingredients such as bioretinol are naturally present in the plants we use. They are not synthetic and therefore do not sensibilize the skin or interfere with the chemotherapy treatment.

Products during Chemotherapy

Elasticity Repairing Emulsion

41 79 

Deep Hydration Oil

41 82 

Antioxidant Regeneration Essence

41 59 

Restructuring Oil Serum

41 103 

Purifying Lifting Elixir

41 136 

Rich Rejuvenating & Firming Cream

41 109 

Face & Body Bronzing Tint

41 103 

Natural Glow – Moisturizing Foundation

41 103 

Total Hydration Balm

103 177 

Firming & Reviving Serum

41 111 

Nourishing Face Moisturiser

41 99 

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum

41 90 

Thermo-active Purification Masque

41 101 

Moisturising & Exfoliating Emulsion

41 79 

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Skincare Routine during Chemotherapy

Chemo Skincare Routine

Day Skincare Routine Chemotherapy

In the morning, spray Velvet Hydration on the skin and massage the balm Smooth Addiction into the damp skin. If you want to wear makeup, you can apply Perfecting Illumination after the balm.

Apply Sensual Opulence on the body after the shower on the damp skin.

Night Skincare Routine Chemotherapy

In the evening, cleanse the skin with Detox Deluxe following the Antiaging Face Cleansing Ritual. Spray Nectar Immortel on the face and massage a few drops of the oil serum Midnight Rejuvenation into the damp skin.

After 10 minutes or at bedtime, apply Silk Resurrection and gently pat the serum into the skin. Apply Smooth Addiction on the eyes, lips, and areas with dryness.

Weekly Skincare Routine Chemotherapy

Once per week, after your night ritual, apply a thin layer of the masque Instant Liberation like a cream and let it act overnight.

If you experience dryness, you can let the masque act for 5–10 minutes and then wash it off with water. After the masque application, massage a few drops of Midnight Rejuvenation or Smooth Addiction into the skin.

1–2 times a week nourish and exfoliate the skin with the natural retinol treatment True Revelation.