Face Lifting Massage

The Wave Lifting Massage combines our unique signature massage technique with the incredible antiaging nutrients of Nectar Immortel.

The synergy of the potent whole plant extracts with the anti-inflammatory actions of the manual face lifting massage instantly improves the aspect and tone of the skin.

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Natural Face Lifting Massage

The technique consists of wave-like movements such as rolling with the knuckles, pinches and massaging with the index finger.

This potent natural face lifting massage increases the blood flow, oxygenates and facilitates the circulation of nutrients.

Increase collagen and elastin production

Thanks to this profound renutrition of the tissue, the natural production of collagen and elastin is increased. Nectar Immortel acts as a powerful stimulus for the natural cell regeneration process.

Product for Face Lifting Massage

Treat Hyperpigmentation

The Wave Lifting Massage also improves the distribution of melanocytes within the skin, which avoids that the melanin is focalized as dark spots in specific areas. This makes the face lifting massage a crucial ritual for people with a tendency to hyperpigmentation as it helps to achieve and maintain an even skin tone.

Face massage serum

The elixir Nectar Immortel was created thanks to a secret fermentation process that lasts for an entire lunar cycle just like the menstruation and the skin renewal cycle.

Its concentrated antiaging plant nutrients make it the ideal face massage serum.

Antioxidant plant nutrients

Nectar Immortel contains whole plant extracts of 17 different plants. Each plant contains flavonoids, which are truly powerful antioxidants that help to balance the free radicals in the skin. Combining flavonoids from different plants further potentiates the rejuvenating properties of this lifting serum.

The formulation also contains skin essentials such as tannins, minerals, essential amino acids, resveratrol, mucilage, vitamin C, B vitamins and trace elements.

The comprehensive action of this plant powerhouse protects the skin from outside aggressions, while firming and toning the deeper layers of the skin. The results include an even skin tone and supple, youthful skin.

Anti-pollution treatment

Nectar Immortel naturally contains chelating agents. These substances bind themselves to substances coming from environmental pollution such as heavy metals, which are deposited on our skin everyday.

By applying Nectar Immortel on a cotton pad, we can trap these profound pollutants, which cannot be removed with conventional cleansers.

The right technique is essential to gently eliminate these toxins without rubbing and irritating the skin. Adding Nectar Immortel to the cotton pad and following The Wave Cleansing Ritual is one of the most effective daily antiaging routines you can do for your skin.

Self-massage Face Lifting

The Wave Lifting is a highly effective daily self-massage technique that prevents premature aging and the hardening of our mimic lines.

Face Lifting Massage Before and After

Everyone has particular face expressions, which make them different and wonderfully unique. After an entire day of making these facial movements, the skin around these mimic lines hardens. To avoid this, we provide the skin with potent nutrients, which we distribute throughout the tissue thanks to the manual stimulation. The deep massage softens these areas and prevents the deepening of these lines.

In the before and after picture you can see the results of the self-massage. The jawline appears more defined, the cheeks more sculpted and the puffiness of the face has been reduced.

Gum Massage for Youthful Skin

Gum massage

Well nourished gums are the underlying secret to taut, youthful skin. They support the facial skin from the inside and avoid the sagging of the cheeks and the area around the mouth.

Massaging the gums from the outside as well as the inside maintains the cheeks firm and enables them to keep the facial skin in place.

Applying a high-quality organic oil or balm provides the gums with the ideal nutrients to keep them strong and healthy. Adequate vitamin D levels can also have an important influence on maintaining the gums in perfect shape.

Massage benefits on the different facial areas

The Wave Lifting Massage has benefits on the different facial areas. Massaging the mandibula can help with bruxism and it repulps and sculps the cheeks.

It also treats and prevents frown lines and lines around the lips, including the upper lip and marionette lines. The massage on the nasolabial fold softens the rictus and it can also help to treat and prevent wrinkles on the neck.

Antiaging Face Lifting Massage Results

The consistent application of the face lifting massage The Wave Lifting with Nectar Immortel transforms the skin from the inside out.

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