After applying Way To Radiance some areas of my face are feeling itchy and burning.

If your skin has a seborrheic tendency there might be a few areas with eczema on your face. Usually these areas are along the skin folds such as the eye brows, nose, nasolabial fold and around the mouth. On the patches with eczema the skin has been burned from the acid composition of your own skin fat and these areas are in the process of healing.

The nutrients of the Way To Radiance cream accelerate this process, but a sensation of burning may be noticed. This skin sensation is absolutely normal and does not interfere with the beneficial regeneration effect.

If the sensation is too uncomfortable, suspend the use of Way To Radiance on the areas with redness or eczema for the moment and apply Velvet Hydration and Midnight Rejuvenation instead. After a few weeks you can try to apply a small amount of Way To Radiance on one of the areas to see if the skin has regenerated sufficiently and can tolerate the stimulating action of this highly beneficial cream.


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