I noticed redness on my skin after applying Way To Radiance. Is this an allergic reaction?

No, this is not an allergic reaction, but a highly beneficial skin regeneration process.

Way To Radiance contains medicinal plants that boost the skin’s microcirculation. This increased circulation can lead to a surge in blood flow, which might manifest as visible redness, especially in fair skin types. For individuals with extremely pale skin or those whose capillaries are near the surface of the skin, this enhanced blood flow due to the skin’s natural regenerative process can cause a short-lived redness called flushing.

It’s essential to understand that this isn’t an allergic reaction. Instead, it’s a positive effect that helps oxygenate the skin and fortify the capillaries. Usually, this redness fades within minutes and decreases with continued use.

If you find the redness too pronounced or uncomfortable, you might consider moistening your skin with filtered water before applying a smaller quantity of the cream, which could lessen the stimulating effect. Another way to reduce the redness is applying Way To Radiance in the evening. During this time, your nervous system tends to be calmer, potentially decreasing the redness’ intensity.

If, after trying these adjustments, the redness remains problematic, consider transitioning to our Midnight Rejuvenation oil, specifically crafted for sensitive skin, for several weeks. This will give your skin the time to relax and build resilience.

Once your skin feels more robust, you can slowly reintroduce Way To Radiance by applying tiny amounts to dampened skin.

Should you require any more advice or support, please get in touch with us. We’re committed to ensuring you find the best regimen for your skin’s needs.


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