What is the difference between the creams Jouvence Divine and Way to Radiance?

Both creams have an extraordinary density of nutrients, but their lipid (beneficial fats) contents differ slightly.

Jouvence Divine has a richer texture owing to its high concentration of Shea butter and Macadamia oil. This makes it the perfect option for dry, dehydrated, sensitive, or mature skin.

If you’re transitioning from another brand that uses surfactants and chemically altered substances in their creams to LE PURE, we recommend starting with Jouvence Divine.

On the other hand, Way To Radiance is a lighter, more fluid cream. It activates the skin’s microcirculation and balances the skin sebum, making it ideal for normal, combination or oily skin, as well as in hot and humid climatic conditions.

If your skin is sensitive, exhibits redness or blushes frequently, we suggest starting with Jouvence Divine or, in more severe cases of redness, follow our routines for sensitive skin with the oil Midnight Rejuvenation.


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