Why does my skin feel dry after applying Way to Radiance?

Our products are very different from all the other options on the market. The skin absorbs them so fast that you may actually be surprised and even think they don’t hydrate or nourish sufficiently. Quite the contrary is true, since our products have the highest plant nutrient concentrations on the market. Even so, the sensation may feel very different from your previous products and until your skin renews itself, it may even feel drier than before.

Some people feel their skin is dry, rough, and tight while it’s undergoing transformation from within. After a few days the skin can also progress to become scaly, flaky and itchy. This is absolutely normal. Your skin is transforming from the inside. It takes at least one skin renewal cycle (about 4 weeks) until you can see and feel the changes of your skin. The skin starts to transform right away, but big changes come with time and consistency.


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