What is the SPF of Zen Solaire

Zen Solaire is a biologically active sunscreen, and the unparalleled concentration of 88% medicinal plants increases the skin’s self-defense mechanisms over time.

SPF tests are done on areas of the skin that have never been exposed to the sun. Therefore, they cannot measure the long-term protective effects of bioactive sunscreen.

The protection of Zen Solaire increases over time as the skin is gradually exposed to the sun. It therefore works in synergy with the organ functions of the skin by allowing vitamin D synthesis, which is essential for even skin pigmentation.

Thanks to its high concentration of photoprotective medicinal plants, the SPF 20 of Zen Solaire provides the skin with ideal protection from skin burns as well as the damaging effects of free radicals.

Conventional sunscreen products contain only a very small percentage of photoprotective plants (usually no more than 5-10% or none at all). Therefore, the SPF of such sunscreens has to be higher to protect the skin from the sun.


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