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How to Store Skincare Products?

Storage of Skincare Products

As the temperatures rise, we have to be more careful on how to store skincare products. While it may seem a good idea to store the products in the fridge, for some products the cold temperatures have a negative effect on their texture.

Discover our recommendations about the storage of your LE PURE skincare products.

What Skincare to Put in the Fridge

Some of our skincare products can be put in the fridge without a problem, such as our oils and balms.

Velvet Hydration can also be stored in the fridge, and applying it cold on your skin is the most incredibly refreshing delight in the summer.

Skincare to Put in the Fridge

Here is the complete list of products that can go in the fridge:

  • Velvet Hydration
  • Midnight Rejuvenation
  • Eye Euphoria
  • Sensual Opulence
  • Smooth Addiction
  • Zen Solaire

Which Skincare Products should not Be Refrigerated

However, there are some skincare products that should not be refrigerated. The LE PURE creams are physical emulsions and free from synthetic or chemically modified surfactants and emulsifiers. These types of natural emulsions are sensitive to colder temperatures, and storing the creams in the fridge can lead to the separation of the oil and water components.

The serum and gel-like formulas are also free from artificial ingredients and suffer when exposed to temperature changes.

Here is the complete list of products that have to stay out of the fridge:


  • Way To Radiance
  • Jouvence Divine
  • Perfecting Illumination
  • Alpha Cream
  • Instant Liberation
  • True Revelation
  • Detox Deluxe


  • Alpha Tonic
  • Silk Resurrection
  • Lumière Éternelle
  • Nectar Immortel

Understanding Separated Emulsion

Understanding separated emulsions, especially with natural ingredients such as water and oil, is essential as they react differently to temperature changes. A physical emulsion without surfactants can separate when exposed to the cold. The degree of this separation can vary, and most of the time vigorous shaking will restore or improve the texture of the cream.

If the emulsion is not as homogeneous as usual, you can still use the product by blending the oil and water components with your fingers before applying the cream.

Separated Emulsion in Skincare Products

While this separation affects the texture, it does not have any negative impact on the quality of the ingredients and the beneficial effects of the cream. The skin absorbs both the oil and the water parts and gets all the nutrients from the cream it needs, even if they are not bound in an emulsion.

It’s similar to eating food. No matter what you eat first or if the ingredients are mixed together, all the foods you ingest reach the stomach, and all the nutrients are absorbed.

So rest assured, even if the emulsion got separated, the product is still highly effective.

The first time you use a LE PURE cream or serum, the first pumps will be liquid, even if you shook the bottle before pumping. This is due to the fact that the oil and water components cannot mix in the shaft of the pump. After a few pumps, the texture should become more solid and less liquid. You can apply these first, liquid pumps on your face. The liquid is the highly beneficial floral water of the product and therefore excellent for your skin.

Keeping Skincare Products Safe from Heat

Keeping your skincare products safe from heat is an essential aspect of maintaining their efficacy, particularly with your LE PURE products. Filled in violet glass bottles and jars, our products are designed to resist heat and light exposures. The formulas can tolerate high temperatures around 30°C as long as they are not exposed to strong, direct sunlight. If it gets very hot in your bathroom, you can store them in a wooden drawer or an insulated container such as a styrofoam box or a cooler.

Remember you cannot refill our products into smaller containers as opening the bottles will expose them to bacteria and fungi leading to the contamination of the product.

What should I do if a balm has melted?

Our balms Smooth Addiction and Zen Solaire contain cold-pressed plant oils and butters, which have a natural melting point. As we don’t add any fillers or waxes to our products, Smooth Addiction and Zen Solaire melt if exposed to temperatures around 25–30°C.

This has no negative effects on the nutrients of the balms, as they are naturally present in the plant and can resist these types of temperatures. Once the balm is liquid, you can put it in the freezer and it will regain its original texture.

Keeping Skincare Products Safe from Heat

If the balm has melted and solidified at room temperature, its texture may be changed due to the fact that the plant oils have different melting points and will solidify at different times. This can produce a grainy texture. In that case, we recommend carefully melting the balm again at 25°C and then putting it in the freezer.

Especially, the Zen Solaire balm should not be melted and solidified frequently, as it may affect the dispersion of the sun-reflecting minerals. You can refill the balms in a smaller container in the summer. Make sure the container and the spoon you use have been disinfected with alcohol prior to refilling the balm.

Understanding how to properly store your skincare products can make an important difference in their effectiveness and longevity. Keeping in mind these simple tips will enable you to enjoy your LE PURE products at their best, even during the heat of summer.

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