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Spring Skincare Needs

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As the weather gets warmer, implementing a spring skincare routine becomes essential, as there are more hours of sunlight and the intensity of the ultraviolet rays increases. The atmospheric pressure varies often and affects our circulation. Biometeorology has proven the interconnection between the atmosphere and the biosphere, meaning between the weather, the seasons and our health. In spring, the needs of your skin change, so you have to adapt your routine to it.

This season is a time of transition, a very delicate period. Many people feel tired in the spring because of the changes in light and temperature. This phenomenon is called “meteor-sensitivity”. It is extremely important to prevent skin damage with high quality organic skincare during the springtime.

Spring Skincare Routine: Profound Nutrition

Adopting a spring skincare routine is very important. It is essential to nourish the skin with bioactivators that improve cell functioning with dynamogenic action, meaning it increases the resistance of the tissue to outside aggressions.

The prickly pear seed oil and the Neroli essential oil in Midnight Rejuvenation act in synergy with calming plant extracts to improve the skin’s energy.

Velvet Hydration, containing the ideal proportion Opuntia ficus-indica fruit extract, is a formula that effectively reduces skin inflammation thanks to its balanced mix of soothing ingredients. It also contains the most precious essential oils, Rose and Neroli, which have a profoundly relaxing effect on the nervous system and reduce facial tension. It can be easily incorporated in your daily skincare routine and can also be used as a remedial treatment during the day whenever skin irritation occurs.

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The combination of Velvet Hydration and Midnight Rejuvenation is especially beneficial in the morning to hydrate the areas of the décolleté, nose, mouth and eyebrows. It is highly recommended in case of spring dermatitis thanks to the high concentration of rose and neroli.

Needs of the Skin in Spring

The high content of beneficial plant extracts in the masque Instant Liberation effectively treats impurities in the springtime and responds to the needs of the skin in Spring.

We recommend applying it twice per week, massaging a thin layer into the skin and letting it act the entire night.

Prepare the Skin for the Summer

Follow this routine to prepare your skin for the summer.

Mix the oil serum Midnight Rejuvenation with a small amount of the cream Jouvence Divine and apply this potion on the lip and eye contour, neck, and décolleté. Apply it three times per week in the evening and tap in gently.

In conclusion, adopting a spring skincare routine is essential for maintaining your skin’s health and vibrancy during this transitional period. Let’s welcome this beautiful season of rejuvenation and renewal also in our spring skincare practices, allowing our skin to mirror the vitality and freshness that spring represents.
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