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Can I Refill the LE PURE Products?

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We are often asked if you can open the bottles and fill the product in smaller containers for traveling. Cosmetic formulation and preservation are complex, so there is no simple answer to this question.

Unfortunately in most of the cases we cannot recommend opening the product and removing the pump or spray complement.

Cosmetics that Contain Water Are Extremely Susceptible to Microbial Contamination

In order to avoid such contamination, there are 2 options:

1. Adding a large amount of preservatives

A strong dose of preservatives suppresses the growth of bacteria and fungus. Unfortunately, preservatives are extremely bad for the skin and can be stored in the deeper layers for years.

Even if a cream is certified organic, but it is packaged in a jar, where you can put your fingers or a spatula, it has to contain large amounts of skin-burdening preservatives. The same is true for roll-ons or glass pipettes, which are constantly in touch with bacteria on the skin.

2. Fill the water-containing products in closed bottles

Our formulas such as creams, masques, essences, and serums are stored in sealed containers, where you never touch the inside of the container.

We always prioritize the benefits of the product for the skin, even if that means that the application is sometimes a bit more difficult.

Our lab works according to pharmaceutical standards, so the products are produced under the strictest rules to ensure that no contamination takes place during the production process.

We only use a tiny amount of sorbic acid as a preservative in our emulsions. It’s a substance that is very similar to bicarbonate and helps to inhibit fungal growth within the product and on the skin.

Therefore, you SHOULD NEVER remove the pump of one of our creams, masques or serums. If the plastic tube of the pump touches your fingers, your skin or anything else, and you put it back inside the product, it can bring microbes to the product in the bottle, which grow and contaminate the bottle over time.

Think about a jar of marmalade. If you put a spoon of marmalade inside your mouth and then put it back into the jar, you contaminate the product and bacteria will start to grow.

Jouvence Divine in a Bowl of Warm Water


1. Get the last bits of product from an almost empty bottle

Take an empty water glass, remove the pump, and throw it away. Put the bottle upside down in the glass for a few hours or overnight, and the last drops of product will easily come out.

2. If the Jouvence Divine cream is very solid

As a completely natural product, the plant butters of the formula react to the outside temperatures. If your bathroom is just a few degrees colder, the plant butter will become more solid. To make the product more liquid, put the closed bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Don’t expose the product to very hot temperatures, but just enough to gently warm the plant butter.

3. If the Instant Liberation masque is very solid

Remember to shake the product extremely well before each use. Make sure the bottle is always closed tightly. To remove the last bits of product, put it upside down in a water glass. When the product is almost completely empty, for the very last application, you can use a chopstick or other utensil to remove the last drops of product. After inserting a utensil into the bottle once, we recommend finishing the product on that day.

Picture of Skincare Balm with Spatula and Spoon for Refilling


Products that do not contain water and therefore are more resistant to contamination.

The balms Smooth Addiction and Zen Solaire can be carefully refilled in a container that has previously been disinfected with alcohol. Disinfect both the spatula or spoon that you use for refilling, as well as the small container. We also recommend repeating the disinfection process each time you fill the smaller container.

Careful – these balms melt at warmer temperatures, so make sure the container is perfectly tight and won’t leak in case the product has turned liquid.

Our oils Midnight Rejuvenation, Sensual Opulence, and Eye Euphoria are less susceptible to contamination. However, we recommend keeping them in their original glass bottles and never removing the pump.

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