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Our Essential Autumn Skincare Tips

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Our skin is heavily influenced by the climatic conditions of our environment and so it is essential that you adapt your skincare routine in the cooler months, by following our autumn skincare tips.

One of the most important changes that occurs in autumn for our skin is the decrease of sunlight hours. This means that our vitamin D levels decrease because although it can be found in certain foods, we usually absorb most of our vitamin D through sun exposure.

Vitamin D is an antioxidant that has an important impact on not only our skin but also our immune system, hormones, heart and thyroid gland. An underactive thyroid gland can lead to dry skin and lower moods. Exposure to indoor heating, hotter showers and cold weather, can also contribute to skin dryness and a loss in hydration and elasticity. To combat these issues, follow our advice below.

6 Essential Autumn Skincare Tips for Dry Skin

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1. Gentle cleansing is crucial to avoid damage to your protective barrier and moisture loss. Choosing a cleanser that purifies with plant extracts as opposed to drying soap agents, is one of the best investments you can make for your skin. Dry skin due to a change in climate is already a problem in autumn, so you don’t want to aggravate this with the wrong products.

2. The lips suffer when exposed to changes in humidity. Prevent dehydration and wrinkles by applying an extra boost of nourishing superfood lipids with a balm formulated with plant butters and oils. Make sure the balm is free from sticky waxes, synthetic and chemically modified oils. These substances create a layer on the lips, but do not nourish them. Therefore even if you constantly apply the product, the lips don’t improve. A balm that contains only beneficial cold-pressed oils and butters melts at warmer temperatures.

3. For many skin types it’s the ideal moment to add an extra-dose of balanced fatty acids that provide natural ceramides to the skin. This helps maintain optimal moisture levels, the perfect way to combat dry skin in autumn. Ingredients like these can be found in products such as rich creams.

4. In the evening nourish your skin with the very best cold-pressed fatty acids, enriched with plant extracts that naturally contain vitamin C and retinol. These organic plant nutrients help to nourish and restore the elasticity in the skin which is a key area to target within autumn skincare.

5. Boost cell renewal with a weekly masque rich in medicinal clays and plant nutrients. This can help your skin combat some of the harsh effects of cold weather.

6. Don’t forget to care of the rest of your skin because dry body skin also affects the skin on your face. We recommend using less soap on your skin as it strips your protective barrier and causes hydration loss. Instead, opt for a body oil, which we consider an autumn skincare necessity!

The LE PURE Autumn Skincare Routine

Picture of LE PURE Products for an Autumn Skincare Routine

The following routine contains the most essential products in autumn. You can keep using additional LE PURE products such as Velvet Hydration, the eye products, serum and exfoliation.

The exact doses of each product depend on your skin type. On dry skin you can apply slightly more quantity or repeat the application after a few hours.


Apply 2-3 doses of Jouvence Divine to nourish the skin. In case of extreme dryness, apply the balm Smooth Addiction on the most dry areas of the face.


Cleanse your skin with your favourite LE PURE cleanser. In case of dry skin, you can use Sensual Opulence following the Wave Cleansing Ritual.

Apply 1-2 doses of Midnight Rejuvenation.

After the shower, apply 2-3 doses of Sensual Opulence on moistened skin all over the body, creating an emulsion with the oil and the water on your skin.


Once or twice a week, renew the skin with Instant Liberation. As the last step of the night routine, apply the mask and let it act all night.



Apply Smooth Addiction on the lips and lip contour in the morning, throughout the day and at night. Since the skin of this area is more delicate and tends to try out faster, you can repeat the application after a few hours if needed.

Use these simple autumn skincare tips to banish dry skin and stay hydrated!

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