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High-performance plants with medicinal properties

This set contains the cup MIRAGE and our award winning Eye Set – EYE EUPHORIA & LUMIERE ETERNELLE. The nutrient composition of these two products repair and protect the most sensitive areas of the face. Together with the smaller cup MIRAGE this set is a highly effective rejuvenation treatment that you can use at home. The material of the cup is black glass and the bulb is made of rubber.

The LE SCULPTEUR Cup MIRAGE is the ideal companion of the Cup VISAGE. It is designed to enable precise suction on the more delicate areas of the face such as the eye contour, the lips and the lip contour. It can also be applied on the forehead and in areas with expression lines and wrinkles.

Dating back to ancient Egypt and China cupping is still a very popular technique in Chinese medicine and has gained popularity among celebrities in the past few years. Facial cupping has been shown to improve skin elasticity, nutrient delivery, cell repair, natural radiance. At the same time it can reduce puffiness and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The vacuum created by the cup increases the lymph and blood flow, which stimulates cell repair and detoxifies the tissue. The smaller cup reaches the areas of the face, where the skin is thinner and suction needs to be very precise.

Before starting with this cupping massage, please make sure to read the contraindications and the general cupping tutorial HERE.


1. Follow the same procedure as explained in the tutorial of the VISAGE Cup (cleansing, application of Midnight Rejuvenation, cupping on the lymph and neck on both sides of the face).

2. After treating all the lines marked in white, apply the serum LUMIERE ETERNELLE on the eyelids and below the eye. Apply the oil EYE EUPHORIA on the outer edges of the eyes. Make sure you do not get too close to the eyes. Also apply it on the lips and lip contour.

3. Follow the lines marked in gold. Repeat each line three times. Be extra gentle and careful, especially for the first time. Do not pull harshly on the skin and always make sure to use the fingers of the other hand to accompany your movements. This avoids excessive tearing of the skin tissue.

4. Continue with cupping on the lips and also around the lips.

5. You can also treat fine lines and wrinkles such as the nasolabial fold. Stretch the area of line with the fingers of the other hand and move up and down with the cup three times.

6. Finish the treatment with applying the cup on the lymph and neck area.

7. Drink a glass of warm water to flush out toxins from your body.