Alpha Hair

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Serum

Alpha Hair is our unparalleled hair serum that dramatically improves hair quality and vitality thanks to its quadruple action: purification, balance, nutrition, and stimulation. The ultra-concentrated formulation with medicinal plant nutrients profoundly nourishes the hair roots and balances the scalp.

It effectively counteracts hair loss, dandruff, itching, and imbalanced oil secretion. The fortifying hair & scalp serum brims with antioxidants and minerals, such as zinc, stimulating hair growth and preventing thinning. Alpha Hair also stimulates eyebrow and eyelash growth.

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100 ml bottle of Alpha Hair LE PURE
Alpha Hair

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My hair got stronger

"I love the smell of the product and the soothing sensation on the scalp. My hair got stronger."

Pascale D.
2023 Highly Commended Natural Health Beauty Awards
2021 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards
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Organic Hair Serum

Alpha Hair is an organic hair serum that addresses the four essential needs to achieve and maintain strong, full, and shiny hair:

  1. Purification
  2. Balance
  3. Nutrition
  4. Stimulation

1. Purification of the Scalp and Hair

Keeping our hair and scalp clean and purified is essential. The challenge is that hair shampoos, even the organic ones, contain many chemically modified or synthetic detergents. These substances clean the hair but irritate the scalp and stimulate excess sebum production. Excessive sebum makes hair greasy, leading to more frequent washing, creating a vicious cycle of an irritated scalp and greasy hair.

The composition of Alpha Hair includes medicinal plants known since ancient times for their naturally purifying properties such Lavender (Lavandula hybrida and Lavandula latifolia), derived from the Latin word “lavare”, meaning washing.

The luxurious aroma of Alpha Hair combines the earthy and wooden notes of the precious vetiver essential oil with a touch of citrus notes. It offers an elegant yet refreshing scent, turning this grooming and purification ritual into a delightful daily pleasure.

Applying Alpha Hair daily purifies the hair and scalp, allowing to reduce the amount and frequency of shampoo use. Combining the nutrition of Alpha Hair with a reduction in shampoo can help to treat and prevent hair loss and thinning.

2. Balance of the Scalp and Sebum Production

A balanced scalp and sebum production equate to strong hair roots and vital hair shafts. Alpha Hair acts as a scalp calming serum thanks to its blend of medicinal plants, especially the two Lavandula variants, which balance the scalp’s sebum production. The optimal amount of hair oil keeps the roots and shafts nourished without causing greasiness.

Brushing with a natural brush spreads the sebum from the roots to the shafts, providing nourishment, protection, and a natural shine.

3. Nutrition of the Hair Roots

The prerequisite for strong and full hair is nourishing the scalp skin and hair roots. Durvillaea Antarctica is an algae that offers high nutritional value in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Combined with Moringa and Lavandula extracts, it enriches the hair with potent minerals and antioxidants, restoring its shine, color, and vitality. The added zinc is a fundamental nutrient that rejuvenates hair and counters thinning.

4. Stimulation of Hair Growth

The medicinal plant blend in Alpha Hair, with Lavandula and clove seed extracts, promotes blood circulation, oxygenating the scalp and hair roots. This results in increased hair growth, stronger hair, and prevention of thinning and loss.

As hairs complete their natural cycle and shed, this organic serum promotes faster regrowth, potentially revitalizing sparse areas. Gentle massaging with Alpha Hair improves microcirculation and nutrient supply, restoring hair’s natural vitality and brilliance.

Product Results and Benefits of Alpha Hair

  • Profoundly purifies hair and scalp without detergents
  • Deeply nourishes scalp and hair roots
  • Strengthens hair roots and shafts
  • Balances scalp sebum production
  • Repairs damaged and brittle hair
  • Enhances hair shine, texture, and vitality
  • Preserves hair color and reduces frizz
  • Plant nutrients and minerals stimulate oxygenation and growth
  • Addresses issues like greasy hair, dry scalp, itching, dandruff, hair loss, and thinning

Full Ingredient List (INCI) of Alpha Hair

Aqua, Lavandula hybrida herb oil · Moringa oleifera leaf/seed extract · Lavandula latifolia herb extract · Durvillaea antarctica extract · Parfum* · Eugenia caryophyllus seed extract · Zinc gluconate · Lactic acid · Linalool* · Geranial* · Neral* · Geraniol* · Limonene*

(*from natural essential oils)

All plant ingredients in Alpha Hair are CERTIFIED ORGANIC, with the exception of the Durvillaea antarctica plant, which is collected from the ocean.

Hair Types and Alpha Hair

Alpha Hair offers ideal nourishment and treatment for all scalp and hair types. Suitable for both women and men, it can be used to treat short as well as long hair.

With consistent use, it improves conditions such as a dry, oily, or itchy scalp, hair loss, thinning, brittle texture, and dull hair color.

How to Apply Alpha Hair

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For daily nourishment, apply Alpha Hair to dry hair. It treats scalp issues, reduces frizz, and also serves as a styling aid. Specific application instructions vary depending on the treatment goal, hair length, and individual washing and styling routines.

Dry Hair

Alpha Hair is ideal for daily application on dry hair. Start by brushing your hair to spread the scalp’s sebum from roots to shafts. Then, spray the organic hair serum onto the roots and shafts, using a comb or fingers for styling. This regimen nourishes, purifies, and reduces frizz.

For purification and cleansing, spray Alpha Hair on the hair roots and shafts. While the hair and scalp are still slightly damp, use a towel to remove excess oil and dirt from the hair. This is a simple way to refresh and purify your hair without washing.

Wet Hair

Post-washing, pat your hair gently with a towel. Avoid vigorous rubbing during washing and drying, as it can induce excessive sebum production. Once towel-dried, spray Alpha Hair, focusing on the roots and thinning areas. Style with a comb or your fingers.

Individuals, particularly men with short hair, often shampoo frequently. This exposes the scalp to the irritating detergents in shampoos. We suggest limiting shampooing to once or twice a week.

If needed, rinse with water on other days to reduce shampoo’s impact on your scalp and hair. Decreasing the quantity of shampoo per wash can also be beneficial. After a water-only wash, applying Alpha Hair purifies the hair, leaving it pleasantly scented.

Alpha Hair as Natural Hair Conditioner

Long hair often requires hair conditioner to prevent tangles. The problem with hair conditioners is that they contain synthetic or chemically modified fats. Even certified organic ones contain these sealing, plastic-like substances that create a plastic-like layer around the hair and on the scalp. They attract dirt particles, leading to more frequent hair washing and exposure to shampoo detergents.

By blending the Alpha Hair serum with the Sensual Opulence oil, you can create an ultra-nutritive conditioner devoid of chemically modified substances.

Mix 4 pumps of Alpha Hair with 1 pump of Sensual Opulence oil in your palm. Apply this mixture to the dry hair strands and ends before washing. Let it act for up to 20 minutes, then wash your hair with a minimal amount of shampoo.

Experiment and adjust the mixture of Alpha Hair and Sensual Opulence to your hair’s needs. Thicker hair requires more oil, while fine hair only requires a very small amount.

Scalp Treatment

Alterations of the scalp such as dandruff, itching, hair thinning, and loss often stem from a combination of various internal and external factors. Reducing both the amount and frequency of shampoo usage is the initial step to mitigate scalp irritation and imbalance.

The subsequent step is to replenish the scalp with nutrients and to reestablish the ideal renovation cycle for both the hair and scalp. Avoid vigorous rubbing movements on the scalp, as this can result in an excessively dry or oily scalp condition.

Our scalp treatment serum Alpha Hair should be applied twice per day regularly continuing with the treatment for a minimum of 8 weeks to observe initial results.

Alpha Hair as Eyebrow and Eyelash Growth Serum

Alpha Hair also stimulates growth for eyebrow hairs and eyelashes. Apply the serum twice daily to the eyebrows and eyelashes. Spray 2–3 pumps into the palm of your hand and utilize your ring finger for application.

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Beard Care with Alpha Hair

Our serum is a versatile product that can also be used to cleanse and nourish the beard and the skin beneath. Spray Alpha Hair on the beard and massage with the fingers.

To soften the beard hair, mix 2 doses of Alpha Hair with 1 drop of Sensual Opulence oil and
massage the mixture into the beard. The beard will feel soft, clean, smooth, and revitalized.

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  1. PE

    I used this product on my eyelashes to test its effects. First of all, I’d like to mention that the product does not hurt at all whenever it enters in contact with the eye.
    After two months of regular application, I realised that my eyelashes are not falling anymore, even when I remove my makeup. The desired effects quickly appeared: my eyelashes did grow and look way longer now!

  2. SF

    I use Alpha Hair on my eyebrows every day and I can already see the first results: my eyebrows have become a little thicker than before!

  3. ZG

    I am applying it morning and night on my eyebrows and I notice that they are fuller. I am very happy with the product.

  4. OV

    It’s very easy to apply at any time because it doesn’t make my hair dirty. My hair looks really beautiful. Especially when combined with the Sensual Opulence oil during pre-washing.

  5. BC

    I use the serum every day; before combing my hair I apply it to the scalp and massage it in briefly, without rinsing. My hair feels better, stronger and healthier.