How can I treat dandruff or dermatitis on my scalp?

To combat dandruff and hair loss and treat dermatitis, we recommend reducing the quantity and frequency of shampoo use. All shampoos contain soap or synthetic detergents, which irritate the scalp.

Reducing the shampoo quantity reduces its negative effects on the microbiome of the scalp.
In case of short hair, washing it with just water on some days of the week is sufficient to keep it clean. Apply Alpha Hair on the wet hair to purify and add a natural scent.

Alpha Hair can also purify hair without washing it. Apply on the dry hair and scalp and massage it gently with a towel to remove toxins and dirt.

The potent plant extracts and essential oils in Alpha Hair purify the scalp and hair, allowing less frequent shampooing (once per week).

Fast and energetic rubbing of the scalp is another frequent error that results in excessive sebum production and irritation. Make extremely slow and gentle movements with your finger tips.

To combat dandruff, hair loss, and dermatitis, it’s essential to reconsider your shampoo habits and add the Alpha Hair serum to your routine:

  • Reduce Shampoo Use: Most shampoos contain soap or synthetic detergents, which can irritate the scalp. By limiting the quantity and frequency of shampoo use, you can minimise these negative effects on the scalp’s microbiome.
    Adding Alpha Hair to the haircare routine, purifies the hair and scalp with Tpowerful plant extracts and essential oils. This natural hair purification allows you to reduce shampoo use to once a week.
  • Water-Only Washing: For those with short hair, simply rinsing with water on certain days can be enough to keep hair clean. After rinsing, apply Alpha Hair to wet hair to both purify and impart a pleasant, natural fragrance.
  • Dry Hair Treatment with Alpha Hair: Without washing, Alpha Hair can help cleanse the hair and scalp. Just apply it to dry hair and scalp, then gently massage with a towel to lift away toxins and dirt.
  • Gentle Scalp Massage: A common mistake is vigorously rubbing the scalp, leading to overproduction of sebum and further irritation. Instead, use your fingertips to make slow, gentle movements during application or washing.

By adopting these practices, you can promote a healthier scalp environment and potentially alleviate dandruff and dermatitis symptoms.


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