Makeup – Sample Set

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For just 9 €, you can try our organic antiaging makeup sample set. As a bonus, all FIRST orders of this set will also receive a 9 € coupon code, which can be used on your next purchase of the 15 ml or 50 ml size of Perfecting Illumination.*

*Please note, the coupon is only sent the first time you order this sample set.

Select the assortment that best matches your skin color. You will receive a selection of different shades of Perfecting Illumination to discover the ideal shade for your skin.

  • If your skin color is fair or very fair, the assortment includes 2 sachets of Ivory, 2 x Light, and 2 x Beige.
  • If your skin color is medium, the assortment includes 1 sachet of Ivory, 2 x Light and 2 x Beige, and 1 x Medium.
  • If your skin color is olive or brown, the assortment includes 1 sachet of Beige, 3 x Medium, and 2 x Bronze.
  • If you want a personalized selection that deviates from our predetermined assortment, please select the option “Personalized” and specify the colors of the 6 sachets during the checkout process. You can write the colors in the field ‘Order Notes’, which is located below the address fields.
The LE PURE makeup sample set
Makeup – Sample Set

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The LE PURE makeup sample set
Makeup – Sample Set

I totally love it

"I totally love it. It is light, hydrating, my skin looks really natural with it but still it evens the colour and feels really soft from morning until the evening. I have a new favourite."

Jessica N.
2022 Winner Silver Scandinavia Global Makeup Awards
2018 Winner Beauty Shortlist Awards
2022 Finalist Natural Health Beauty Awards
2018 Winner Beauty Shortlist Awards
Product Benefits

Important Information about the LE PURE Organic Makeup Foundation Samples

The LE PURE Makeup Foundation Samples are designed to help you find your ideal shade of Perfecting Illumination for your skin.

Unlike conventional makeup that often contains chemically modified fats and substances and suffocates the skin, Perfecting Illumination is made with only cold-pressed oils, medicinal plant extracts, medicinal clays, water, essential oils, and natural minerals.

Perfecting Illumination is also a potent anti-aging cream, which absorbs quickly into your skin while its mineral components blend seamlessly on the surface for a natural finish. It has been lauded by celebrities, actors, and makeup artists for its exceptionally natural, long-lasting finish, and how soft it leaves the skin, even after a long work day of wearing makeup.

Furthermore, Perfecting Illumination isn’t just a makeup foundation—it also functions as a potent anti-aging treatment, blue light protector, and provides sun protection on cloudy days or during months with lower UV radiation. So even if you don’t typically wear makeup on a daily basis, Perfecting Illumination offers numerous skincare benefits to enhance your natural beauty and protect your skin.

Read more about the benefits and ingredients of Perfecting Illumination.

How to Apply the Single-dose Makeup Sachets

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Before opening the sachet, it’s crucial to gently massage it with your thumbs for at least 5 seconds. Our makeup creams are natural emulsions that don’t contain artificial emulsifiers and surfactants. This means they need to be properly agitated to ensure all the ingredients are evenly distributed.

In the sachet form, this can be accomplished by a gentle massage. It’s important to note that the colour of the makeup once you open the sachet is not the final color. The natural minerals in the formula will adapt to your skin color after a few minutes of application.

Perfecting Illumination is quite adaptable. Most people can use two different shades depending on whether they want to achieve a pale or a sun-kissed look. You can even mix two colors together to create a personalized shade that’s just right for your skin tone. Additionally, Perfecting Illumination is buildable. Depending on the coverage you want, you can apply one or more layers. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the makeup to your needs and preferences, whether you’re looking for a light, natural look or a more full-coverage finish.

This sample set includes 6 single-dose sachets.

There are 3 predefined assortment options or you can choose to create a personalized selection.

There are 5 different makeup shades of Perfecting Illumination:

  • 1 – Ivory
  • 2 – Light
  • 3 – Beige
  • 4 – Medium
  • 5 – Bronze

Choose the shade you think fits best, and then also select a lighter and a darker shade.

Perfecting Illumination has a worldwide unique composition and the mineral pigments adapt to your skin tone. Therefore, you should try at least 2-3 different shades. Remember that skin color changes according to the seasons, and you will probably wear a different shade in the winter and the summer.

The color you see when you open the sachet is not the final color. You will only know if the shade matches your skin color if you actually try it on your skin.

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  1. JN

    I totally love it. It is light, hydrating, my skin looks really natural with it but still it unifies the colour and feels really soft from morning until the evening. I have a new favourite.

  2. PE

    I usually don’t like wearing foundation because they often feel too heavy, are too visible, and don’t look natural on my skin. However, Perfecting Illumination makes my skin look beautifully radiant, and at the same time, it treats my skin with the beneficial ingredients of the formula.

  3. VM

    The foundation I’ve been using for many years.

  4. AS

    I use Perfecting Illumination every day because it also has sun protection that is more than sufficient for the daily life in the city.