How to Prevent Sun Hyperpigmentation

When the skin is exposed to the sun, it activates its self-defence mechanism to avoid sunburn. The melanocytic cells produce the skin pigment melanin to create a protective barrier. Unfortunately in some cases the melanin is not always distributed evenly throughout the skin and some darker spots can appear.

To prevent sun hyperpigmentation we have to understand how the skin functions work and to provide the skin with the ideal plant nutrients and treatments.

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Skin Hardening Sun (Keratinisation)

Illustration of Skin and Skin Hardening Sun

UV radiation also triggers an increase in keratin production, which leads to skin hardening due to sun exposure. This action is also one of the reasons why dark spots form on the skin.

To avoid this kind of hyperpigmentation, we have to make sure to counteract the excessive keratinisation from sun exposure.

Skin Pigmentation Sun and Cell Regeneration

To prevent excessive or uneven skin pigmentation from the sun, we have to increase the cellular renovation of the skin.

It is very important that this skin renovation is very gentle and respects the skin’s natural cycles.

Acid or laser treatments may be effective momentarily, but they are a severe aggression for the skin. They literally burn the skin and make it more sensitive, leading to irritated and inflamed skin.

Hyperpigmentation Sun Exposure and Cell Memory

Picture of Leaf with Sun Exposure
The skin has a cell memory and remembers every aggression and damage.

These memorised experiences return later on like a boomerang. Therefore many people suffer from hyperpigmentation after sun exposure, even if they constantly protect their skin with high SPF sunscreen.

Treatment to Avoid Dark Spots from the Sun

The ideal skin renovation is to gently renew the skin during the months of increased sun exposure.

Alternating the gentle exfoliation with True Revelation and the masque Instant Liberation we can limit the excessive buildup of keratin in the skin.

As a result this treatment avoids dark spots from the sun and keeps the skin soft and supple. The natural, non-sensitising retinol of True Revelation also improves the optimal functioning of the melanocytic cells favouring the even pigmentation of the skin.

Sun Pigmentation Treatment for Lighter Skin Types

  • Twice a week (e.g. Monday and Wednesday) apply a thin layer of the masque Instant Liberation before you go to sleep.
  • Twice a week in the evening (e.g. Thursday and Saturday) apply the exfoliation and retinol treatment True Revelation.

Sun Pigmentation Treatment for Darker Skin Types with a Tendency to Dark Spots

  • Three times a week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) apply a thin layer of the masque Instant Liberation before you go to sleep.
  • Three times a week in the evening (e.g. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) apply the exfoliation and retinol treatment True Revelation.

Following these treatment steps you can assure the ideal skin renovation during the summer months and help your skin to prevent sun hyperpigmentation.

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