How can I find the ideal makeup shade for my skin? Does Perfecting Illumination have an undertone?

With the Makeup Sample Set you can try multiple shades of our makeup cream, Perfecting Illumination. Given its unique formulation, it’s crucial to experience it directly on your skin.

While photos and videos on the Perfecting Illumination product page offer a basic idea, we suggest trying 2-3 different shades. The ideal color for your skin might not be the one you’d instinctively select.

The color you first observe upon opening the sample isn’t its final shade. When applied, the cream base of Perfecting Illumination is absorbed by the skin, leaving the pigments on the surface.

Many foundations primarily contain synthetic or chemically modified ingredients, forming a layer on the skin. In contrast, Perfecting Illumination uses only plant ingredients, processed through physical-mechanical methods like cold-pressing or maceration.

This minimal processing preserves the plants’ vibrational essence, enabling them to adapt to the skin. Moreover, since each person’s sebum (skin fat) varies, the makeup cream’s color might slightly differ upon application. After 2-3 minutes, the makeup adjusts to the specific skin, revealing the final color.

Owing to Perfecting Illumination’s adaptability, it doesn’t have a fixed undertone; it varies for each person. If you wish to create a specific undertone, you can blend two different shades from the range.


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Find your ideal shade

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