Moon and skincare are deeply connected on many levels. On the one hand, the power of the moon is one of the most dominant forces that exists and it has a strong influence on nature’s cycles as well as our oceans through the tides. On the other hand, It also has an important effect on our bodies, from menstrual to detoxing cycles, as well as on our skin and hair.


Biodynamic farming takes the moon into account and places strong importance on the cosmic rhythms when cultivating plants. From planting the seeds to working in the fields and harvesting, taking the cycles of the moon into account can potentiate the yield as well as the quality of the plant.

At LE PURE we select medicinal plants from biodynamic farming for our skincare products. Furthermore, we elaborate our wholeplant extracts according to the moon cycle, as this potentiates the nutrients of the final extract.


We also use the moon’s powers when it comes to the elaboration of our skin elixir Nectar Immortel. A prolonged extraction and fermentation process during an entire moon cycle, creates this unique and extraordinary potion.

The benefits and ways of application are so numerous that even we are surprised by the superpowers of this vibrational elixir.

The transformative antiaging powers of Nectar Immortel have led us to expand its application within the LE PURE skincare routines.

In order to facilitate its frequent use we have doubled the size and added a spray complement to allow for a targeted application directly on the face or on the cotton pad.


Nectar Immortel contains a potent combination of nutrients that improve the skin’s uptake of oxygen while nourishing it with mineral nutrients, flavonoids and antioxidants. This extraordinary combination of vibrational plant nutrients lifts, purifies, stimulates cell renovation and enables the skin to protect itself against free radicals and premature aging.

This purifying lifting elixir cannot be defined or compared to any other formula on the market. It is a class of its own and therefore its application does not follow the standard skincare routines. While conventional skincare divides products into cleansers, toners, serums and moisturisers, the formula of Nectar Immortel acts on all of those levels.


1. Skin Purification
2. Sebum Balancing
3. Antiaging Nourishment
4. Cell Renewal Boosting

Nectar Immortel is suitable for all skin types, and can help address different skin conditions like acne, impurities, blackheads, open pores, light-sensitive pigmentation spots and premature aging.

To get the maximum benefit of this skin-transforming potion, Nectar Immortel can be integrated into your skincare routine in many different ways. Choose the ones that best suit your skin type and current routine.

1. Skin Purification

Nectar Immortel is compatible with the enzymatic system of the skin and is able to purify the profound layers of the skin without harming the hydrolipidic film and the skin’s microbiome. Conventional cleansers with soap or syndets can create an imbalance of the microbiome. These types of formulations stay on the skin surface and cannot remove profound toxins such as heavy metals from pollution stored in the skin.

The natural chelating agents of Nectar Immortel enable the elimination of these toxins from the skin surface and the deeper layers of the skin. Nectar Immortel is a must-have for people who live in cities or spend time in traffic as they have daily exposure to these environmental toxins.

The purification with Nectar Immortel removes these toxins and reduces the oxidative stress of the skin, which helps to prevent premature aging.

This elixir is also the ideal cleansing option in case a person has to apply chemical sunscreen. Purifying the skin with Nectar Immortel after the application of this type of filters allows the profound elimination of synthetic substances from the skin.


A) Spray 2 doses of Nectar Immortel on a cotton pad moistened with mineral water together with your LE PURE cleanser (cream, oil or gel) and then follow the Wave Cleansing Ritual.

B) Spray Nectar Immortel directly on one half of the face and then follow the Wave Cleansing Ritual using a cotton pad moistened with mineral water together with your LE PURE cleanser (cream, oil or gel). Treat one half of the face, then continue with the other half.

2. Sebum Balancing

The adaptogenic properties of the medicinal plants in Nectar Immortel help to balance the skin’s sebum production as well as purifying the skin. Multiple applications throughout the day help to purify the skin, balance excess oil and treat acne, seborrheic dermatitis and hyperpigmentation.


A) Spray Nectar Immortel directly on to the face to purify the skin during the day and to balance the composition of the sebum.

B) Apply Nectar Immortel on a cotton pad moistened with mineral water and gently pad the face. This gentle purification is ideal in case of oily, acneic and seborrheic skin. Any kind of rubbing movements can worsen these skin alterations. Gently padding the skin purifies without stimulating additional inflammation, sebum production and pigmentation spots.

3. Antiaging Nourishment

The fermented plant extracts provide the skin with a bomb of medicinal plant nutrients that have a tightening, lifting and smoothing effect on the skin. Nectar Immortel acts as an ultra-nourishing and antioxidant serum that hydrates, nourishes and remineralises the skin.


A) In the evening, spray Nectar Immortel directly on the face before applying the oil Midnight Rejuvenation.

B) Mix Nectar Immortel with Midnight Rejuvenation in the palm of your hand and apply the mixture on the face with a gentle massage.

C) Spray Nectar Immortel directly on the face before applying a LE PURE cream.

4. Cell Renewal Boosting

The medicinal plant nutrients of Nectar Immortel have a stimulating effect on the skin’s regeneration mechanisms. This elixir gives a boost to the skin’s cell renewal and potentiates its self-defense abilities to fight free radicals. It revitalises dull skin, treats flaccidity and creates a youthful, healthy skin appearance.


A) Spray Nectar Immortel directly on the face in the morning and evening.

B) Use Nectar Immortel according to the Wave Cleansing and the Wave Massage Rituals.


While Nectar Immortel is an adaptogenic product, meaning it can adapt to the needs of any skin type, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

In case of very reactive skin with inflammation and redness, our first treatment recommendation is always to calm and balance the skin for a few months. In this treatment phase, we don’t recommend the use of creams and Nectar Immortel due to their profound stimulating powers. Once the skin has been calmed and strengthened, Nectar Immortel can be incorporated into the skincare routine.


You probably already know that rubbing damages the skin and worsens all types of skin alterations. Rubbing the skin when applying Nectar Immortel can lead to overstimulation and skin redness. If redness occurs with the use of Nectar Immortel, please watch our Wave Cleansing tutorial to make sure you are following the correct manual technique to avoid skin irritation.

In conclusion, Nectar Immortel is an ultra-potent antiaging elixir that brings the powers of the moon and skincare to your daily facial routine. Increase the use of this high-vibrational plant serum in your skincare routine and experience the unparalleled benefits of this undefinable skin potion.

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