Madres Paralelas movie

Pablo Iglesias and Mariló Osuna are the professional makeup artists of the latest Pedro Almodóvar movie Parallel Mothers. Their objective was to create a natural yet glowing look for the cast of the movie: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Penélope Cruz, Milena Smit, Rossy de Palma and Israel Elejalde.

They used a variety of LE PURE skincare products on set to prepare the skin before applying foundation. 

Pablo Iglesias - Instagram Post

“The organic plant nutrients regenerate and
completely transform the skin.”

Pablo Iglesias – Makeup and Hair Artist



LE PURE Products

“The textures and scents of the oils were truly surprising. Applying them
on the skin is a real pleasure for all senses.

The best skin preparation routine is to apply Way To Radiance on the face for a profound nourishing and firming action. On the eyes and lips, I apply a drop of Eye Euphoria with a gentle massage, followed by a drop of Silk Resurrection to nourish and protect the skin before applying the foundation.

I add a drop of the Midnight Rejuvenation oil the Perfecting Illumination makeup cream, which creates the most natural makeup look for the camera. It’s the perfect extra glow makeup.”

Pablo Iglesias – Makeup and Hair Artist



LE PURE Madres Paralelas Movie Products

“Instant beauty and purity. The skin gets the most
natural look in front of the camera.”

“The quality and the aspect of the skin improve when I apply Perfecting Illumination.

Although its consistency is very light, it still provides a perfect and long lasting coverage. The skin has a perfect natural finish in front of the camera.”

Mariló Osuna, Makeup Designer