Sample – Smooth Addiction

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Try our award-winning antiaging balm for only 9 €, including free shipping within the EU. The Smooth Addiction balm comes in a convenient, travel-friendly, 3 ml sized glass jar.

On your FIRST purchase of this sample jar, we will email you a 9 € coupon code, which can be applied to your next purchase of the 30 ml or 100 ml Smooth Addiction.

Please note that this coupon is issued only once when you first order the sample jar and it only applies to the 30 ml or 100 ml version of the balm.

3 ml bottle of Total Hydration Balm LE PURE
Sample – Smooth Addiction

Repairing Balm Sample LE PURE with black background
3 ml bottle of Total Hydration Balm LE PURE
Sample – Smooth Addiction

The SOS balm

"The SOS balm that alleviates redness, chapped skin and dryness."

GQ Magazine
2023 Highly Commended Natural Health Beauty Awards
2021 Editor's Choice Beauty Shortlist Awards
2022 Winner Natural health Beauty Awards

Benefits of the Organic Balm Sample Jar Smooth Addiction

Smooth Addiction is the ultimate remedy for skin concerns like dryness, wrinkles, sensitivity, couperose, and dark spots. Applied on the entire face and the lips, it is an incredibly hydrating, instantly repairing balm, crafted with raw plant lipids, natural retinol, and vitamin C. This high-performance blend of botanical nutrients and antioxidants soothes dry, rough skin, and works wonders to reduce wrinkles, expression lines, and pigmentation spots.

Enriched with the fatty acids from prickly pear cactus seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil, it provides maximal hydration, preserving the elasticity of your skin, particularly around the delicate eye and lip areas. With Smooth Addiction, your skin is shielded against varied climates, from cold and heat to wind and humidity, ensuring you maintain vibrant, profoundly nourished skin.

Read more about the ingredients and benefits of Smooth Addiction.

How to get the reimbursement code for the first purchase of Smooth Addiction

Once you have placed the order for the 3 ml travel size jar of Smooth Addiction, we will send you a 9 € coupon code by email, which you can apply on your next purchase of the full-sized 30 ml or 100 ml Smooth Addiction.

Please note that this coupon is sent only the first time you order this organic balm mini size.

How to Apply Smooth Addiction Balm

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Massage a small amount of the balm gently into your skin or lips. For extreme weather conditions or in the case of particularly dry or mature skin, the balm can be applied on the entire face. It can be reapplied as often as necessary.

It also works as an excellent primer before applying makeup, concealer, or lipstick.

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  1. LP

    Je ne peux pas sortir de la maison sans lui.

  2. LP

    I cannot leave home without it.

  3. KV

    Je dois admettre que ce baume est fantastique, idéal pour les lèvres mais aussi pour les joues et les mains. Il est devenu un produit indispensable !

  4. KV

    I have to admit that this balm is fantastic, good for the lips but also on the cheeks and on the hands, it has become indispensable!

  5. JC

    Smooth Addiction fonctionne parfaitement en tant que baume à lèvres et sous les yeux pour faire tenir l’anti-cerne toute la journée.