Jouvence Divine does not come out from the bottle.

If the product isn’t dispensing when you press the pump, it may be due to a temperature change. Our natural plant butters are sensitive to temperature changes, melting and solidifying accordingly. This behavior is an indication that our plant ingredients are truly natural and haven’t been chemically altered.

For Jouvence Divine cream, the shea butter in the formula may have solidified due to a minor drop in temperature. By gently warming the cream, the shea butter inside will become more fluid and the pump should dispense the product correctly.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water, about 60°C (still safe to touch).
  2. Close the pump with the security cap and place it in the bowl.
  3. After 10-15 minutes, the shea butter should be more liquid.
  4. Shake the product for a few minutes to ensure all ingredients are distributed evenly.

If you notice a slight change in texture or the cream is not completely homogeneous, don’t worry—all the beneficial nutrients are still present and will continue to benefit your skin, independent of the cream’s texture.

Working with completely natural ingredients can occasionally cause small issues like this. However, the upside is that these types of creams are the most nutrient-dense on the market. By accepting their natural characteristics, we can enjoy their incredible healing powers.

Please remember to never open the bottle or remove the pump. If the pump comes into contact with anything, such as your fingers, and is then reinserted into the bottle, there’s an elevated risk of contamination.

We avoid using conventional preservatives in our products as we do not consider them beneficial for the skin. Therefore the products must not be opened and can only be used with the pump dispenser.


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