It is possible that my skin feels dry after applying Jouvence Divine?

The rapid absorption of LE PURE products may surprise you. You might even believe they aren’t providing enough hydration or nourishment. However, the opposite is true. Our highly concentrated formulas only contain bioavailable nutrients, which are instantly absorbed, regenerating the deeper layers of the skin.

This feeling might be quite different from what you’re used to with previous creams. Those creams contained chemically altered fats that stayed on the skin’s surface, creating the sensation that your skin was being adequately nourished. However, once this superficial layer is removed, the true undernourished state of your skin is revealed.

Some people feel their skin is dry, rough, and tight while it’s undergoing transformation from within. After a few days, the skin can also progress to become scaly, flaky and itchy. The transition to LE PURE creams may require a few weeks of adjustment, depending on the condition of your skin. The skin renewal cycle takes about 3 to 4 weeks, and it requires at least one skin renewal cycle for the skin to adapt and for changes to become noticeable. After a few weeks, your skin will regain its natural balance and any feelings of dryness and tightness will vanish and you will start seeing the real results of the cream.


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