Is the mineral Titanium Dioxide safe to use in cosmetic products?

Yes, both the European Union and we consider that Titanium Dioxide is safe when used in cosmetic products. We incorporate this mineral in our makeup cream Perfecting Illumination, where it helps the color pigments adhere to the skin, and in the sun protection balm Zen Solaire, where it reflects harmful UVB rays.

Some brands use Titanium Dioxide in a very small nano size that is invisible to the human eye. In this microscopic size, the mineral can be potentially harmful to people working in the production of cosmetic products due to the risk of inhaling large amounts of it.

However, in our products, it is important to highlight that we only use this mineral in a micro size, which is a larger and safer particle size.

Ban of Titanium Dioxide as a food additive

In 2022, the European Union prohibited the use of Titanium Dioxide as a food additive. We fully support this decision concerning its use in food products, where the mineral is ingested and comes into contact with the body’s soft tissues.

This prohibition has led to confusion among consumers, with many believing that Titanium Dioxide has been banned for all uses.

We consider that Titanium Dioxide is a safe ingredient when applied to skin with a healthy hydrolipidic film. However, for added safety, refrain from applying this mineral to open skin lesions or wounds


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