Is Midnight Rejuvenation suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

All LE PURE products are safe for use during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. We adhere to the highest standards, using only the most premium, certified organic and mineral ingredients.

Midnight Rejuvenation contains plant-based bioretinol, which is safe for pregnant women. It does not have any of the side effects of synthetic retinol.

Concerning our essential oils, we include them in our products in their physiological dose. The physiological dose is the amount of essential oil that is naturally present in a plant, like an apple or a tomato. Both fruits contain essential oils in their physiological dose, which provides them with a characteristic scent and taste.

Therefore if you can eat an apple or a tomato during your pregnancy, you can also use the LE PURE skincare products.

Some doctors recommend avoiding essential oils during pregnancy, as there may be cosmetic products on the market with elevated concentrations.

We have 50 years of experience in using the ideal dose of essential oils, and hundreds of women have used our products during their pregnancy.


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