antiaging sun protection

Antiaging sun protection is a complex topic and what we read on mainstream media is only one side of the story. Many people get their advice from dermatologists, most of whom are not familiar with the benefits of photoprotective plants, sun protection without chemicals, and biological sunscreen filters.

How can I protect myself from the sun?

How can I protect myself from the sun? If the standard advice to use a high SPF sunscreen every day throughout the whole year was truly the best solution to prevent sunburn as well as premature aging, we would not see so many skin alterations and pigmentation problems.

The skin is a complex and interconnected organ that needs sunlight to synthesise vitamin D and function properly.

Organic photoprotective plants nourish and boost the skin’s regeneration and self-defence mechanisms. By making the skin stronger and more resilient, we work in synergy with the organ and can prevent premature aging.

When sun protection is based on constantly overprotecting the skin with layers of sunscreen made from minerals and chemically modified fats, we work against the skin’s natural functions, which can negatively affect its metabolism and lead to premature aging.

Which sun protection strategy is best?

Deciding which sun protection strategy is best for your skin is not simple. Creating another sunscreen with minerals and chemically modified fats would be extremely easy for us, but we do not consider them beneficial for the skin if applied on a daily basis. Therefore we have created products that provide your skin with biological sunscreen and a high concentration of antiaging plant nutrients.

The Biological Antiaging Sun Protection content series looks at sun protection from different perspectives to enable you to discover different options you have to protect yourself from the sun and create your own personalised sun protection strategy.