Why does my skin feel dry after applying Instant Liberation?

Instant Liberation is both a deeply hydrating emulsion and a purification masque. It’s likely very different from other masques that you’ve tried before.

If your skin feels a bit dry after its application, understand that Instant Liberation doesn’t dry out the skin. The masque application reveals the skin’s underlying dryness. Over time, the masque improves the skin’s sebum and moisture balance.

It’s essential to apply only a very small amount of this thermoactive masque. After application, it should be fully absorbed and not visible on your face.

If you still experience dryness, we recommend nourishing the skin with the Midnight Rejuvenation oil before applying the Instant Liberation masque.

Another option is to apply a thin masque layer in the evening for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Dry skin can have various causes, and we recommend addressing them both externally with LE PURE products and rituals and internally.


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