What should I do if my skin shows redness and feels hot after applying Instant Liberation?

The medicinal clays and plants of Instant Liberation enhance blood circulation in the skin, toning and fortifying capillaries. This increased capillary stimulation can manifest as redness on the skin surface in some skin types. This effect, known as flushing or temporary redness, can make the skin feel hot and even burning.

Don’t worry, this is only a temporary effect, which will subside once the blood circulation returns to normal. It is a highly beneficial antiaging treatment that does not harm or burn your skin.

If the redness feels very uncomfortable, rinse off the masque, moisten a small towel with cold water, and place it on the back of your neck. This will cause the skin to increase blood flow to the colder area of the neck, reducing stimulation in your face.

Blood flow stimulation is especially beneficial for fragile capillaries and for skin that reddens easily after activities like showering, sports, eating, drinking alcohol, or experiencing stressful situations and temperature changes.

It’s crucial to distinguish this from an allergic reaction. To ensure it’s not an allergy, test a small amount of the masque on the inner part of your wrist and observe the skin for 24 hours. If there’s no sign of redness or reaction, the facial stimulation is due to the enhanced blood flow in the capillaries.

In most cases, using a smaller amount of the masque or applying it to a specific area of the face can reduce or prevent the redness. We recommend using the masque in the evening when the nervous system is more relaxed, which can reduce the redness experienced on the face.

For additional methods to reduce redness from capillary circulation, please refer to the How to Apply tab of Instant Liberation.


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