What can I do if Instant Liberation becomes solid and doesn’t come out of the bottle?

Instant Liberation has a cream-like texture, and its ingredients have different densities. To prevent the medicinal clays from settling at the bottle’s bottom, shake the product vigorously for 30 seconds before each use.

This ensures even ingredient distribution. If you don’t shake the bottle enough, the masque will be too liquid during the first applications, while the remaining product becomes denser and harder to dispense.

Another tip to prevent solidification is to always close the bottle tightly to prevent air from entering. We recognize that constant shaking can be a bit tedious, but truly natural products sometimes require compromises.

Our philosophy always prioritizes skin health, even if it means minor product handling drawbacks. Remember never to open the bottle or insert an unsterilized object, as this introduces microorganisms.

Tips when Instant Liberation solidifies:

  1. The hole in the plastic inlay might be clogged. Disinfect a thin metal object, like a needle, with alcohol and unclog the bottle opening.
  2. The masque might solidified due to cooler bathroom temperatures. Warm the bottle to liquefy the masque. Close the bottle tightly and immerse it in a bowl with hot water (40°C / 104°F). After 10-15 minutes of warming followed by vigorous shaking, the masque should dispense again.
  3. If the above methods fail, disinfect a surface and place disposable kitchen paper on it. Disinfect a thin-shafted spoon with alcohol. Remove the bottle’s plastic inlay and insert the disinfected spoon to scrape out the product. Disinfect the spoon before each reinsertion. The masque might be thicker than usual but remains equally beneficial for the skin. Exercise extreme caution with this extraction method due to the high risk of introducing microorganisms.

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