Why should I apply Nectar Immortel in combination with the oil Midnight Rejuvenation?

Midnight Rejuvenation provides the essential fatty acids needed by the skin’s sebum. Nectar Immortel pairs excellently with this oil as it not only balances the sebum production but also stimulates skin regeneration.

As a result, combining these two products equips your skin with the comprehensive nutrient spectrum necessary for optimal skin regeneration.

We recommend mixing these two products in the palm of your hand and then applying them to your face, neck, and décolleté by tapping gently.

Depending on the type of skin, we recommend applying more Midnight Rejuvenation or more Nectar Immortal. For dry skin we recommend 2 doses of Midnight and 1 dose of Nectar Immortel, while for oily skin, we recommend 2 doses of Nectar Immortel and 1 dose of Midnight Rejuvenation.


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