Is it necessary to rinse Sensual Opulence with water after cleansing?

It is not necessary. We advise using a cotton pad moistened with filtered water for cleansing. Using filtered or mineral water ensures you avoid exposing your skin to chlorine, limescale, or other potentially harmful substances.

Apply a few drops of the Sensual Opulence oil on the pad and cleanse in gentle spiral movements, following our Wave Cleansing Technique.

The cotton pad effectively absorbs excess oil, dirt, and pollution, ensuring a deep clean that makes rinsing with water unnecessary. Although this may seem unfamiliar at first, most people get used to cleansing without splashing water on the face. You can repeat the cleansing with a new cotton pad to check if any residual dirt remains on your skin.

However, if you absolutely need the feeling of water on your skin after cleansing, ensure you use mineral or filtered water.


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